Hypocrite Trump Adviser Says Muslim Ban Will Protect Americans From ‘Bigots’ (VIDEO)

Stephen Miller may not be a household name just yet, but he’s the man who crafted the executive order signed by Donald Trump on Friday that bans travel to the United States from seven countries in the Middle East. Miller was a guest on CBS This Morning earlier today, and he defended the controversial ban […]

Pinnacle Of Ignorance: Priebus Claims Muslim Registry Isn’t ‘Based On Religion’ (VIDEO)

It now appears that just as he promised in the 2016 race for the White House, Donald Trump will indeed be instituting a registry for all Americans of the Muslim faith. The very idea reeks of Nazi Germany, but Trump cannot be bothered with opinions which are contrary to his own personal insanity. Earlier this […]

Here’s The Reason You May Start Seeing Safety Pins Everywhere

Let’s be totally honest here: While economic anxiety did indeed play a part in the election of Donald Trump as President, racism, Islamophobia, and xenophobia were also partially responsible for the sudden rise of Trump from a large field of Republican contenders. And now he will be the next occupant of the Oval Office. As […]

Hate-Filled Trump Supporter Attacks Muslim Women Pushing Baby Strollers

Thanks to the noxious rantings of Donald Trump, hatred against minorities is at an all-time high in this country. It’s as if Trump has suddenly made it acceptable to be a racist asshole because somehow the system is rigged against white Christians. That’s total bullshit, of course, but the simple-minded will believe almost anything if […]

Conservatives Turn On Ann Coulter For Her Smear Of Muslim Soldier’s Father

On the last night of the Democratic National Convention, two incredibly brave parents–Khazir and Gazala Khan–stepped to the podium to pay tribute to their late son, Army Capt. Humayun S.M. Khan, who gave his life in service of his country in 2004. The Khans also happen to be Muslim, and they wanted to send a powerful […]

Donald Trump Says There Would Be One Exception To His Ban On Muslims

You may recall that several months ago Donald Trump declared that if elected President he would impose a total ban on Muslims coming into the United States. He claimed this was his plan for making sure that terrorists are not admitted into the country, and he was roundly criticized for such a blatantly Islamophobic move. […]

Woman Kicked Out Of Trump Rally For Being Muslim (Video)

At a Donald Trump rally last night in Rock Hill, South Carolina, a Muslim woman wearing a T-shirt which read, “SALAM I Come In Peace” was escorted out of the venue by security officers. The woman, later identified as Rose Hamid, told CNN’s Don Lemon that she went to the event so Trump supporters could […]

Donald Trump Featured In Terrorist Recruitment Video

At the most recent Democratic debate, Hillary Clinton remarked that the terrorist group ISIS was using statements from Donald Trump about barring all Muslims from entering the United States in their recruiting videos. Here’s a video of exactly what the Democratic frontrunner said: Trump pretended to be offended, even demanding that Clinton apologize, which is […]

Racist Woman Accuses Brazilians Of Being Terrorists (Video)

The new epithet being used by anyone who doesn’t like how another person looks seems to be the word “terrorist.”  A perfect example of this played out recently in Pompano Beach, Florida, where Brazilian filmmakers from the YouTube channel “UH-OH MONKEY” were accosted by a racist woman who pulled over to the side of the road […]

Enraged California Woman Who Assaulted Praying Muslims To Be Charged With Hate Crime

Prosecutors in Alameda County, California, have filed hate crime charges against a California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation employee who was filmed earlier this month ridiculing a Muslim man and throwing coffee on him. The incident was captured on cellphone video. Denise Slader, who is employed as a program technician with the department’s Adult Parole Operations, […]