Don Jr. Attempts To Question Joe Biden’s Fitness For Office And Winds Up Humiliating His Own Father

The Donald Trump reelection campaign is falling further behind by the day, with each new poll providing terrible news for the incumbent president. The vast majority of Americans are saying it’s time for another person to lead the nation, and Trump is even losing the fundraising battle to Joe Biden. Perhaps sensing that his father […]

Republicans Who Reluctantly Voted For Trump In 2016 Say They’re Ready To Help Elect Joe Biden

Four years ago, when Donald Trump faced off against Hillary Clinton, there were many Republicans who were uncomfortable with Trump as their candidate. Despite that, they couldn’t bring themselves to cast a ballot for Clinton, so they reluctantly gave their vote to Trump, thinking he wouldn’t be that bad as president. But as Ohioan Matt […]

Biden Now Leads Trump Among Female Voters By The Largest Polling Margin Seen In 70 Years

Here’s a bit of political trivia for you: What’s the single-most important segment of the American electorate because it represents not only the largest number of voters, but also the group that’s most likely to cast a ballot? If you said women, go to the head of the class. And keep reading. Women determine elections. […]

Paranoid Trump Is Now Searching For Hidden Messages In Joe Biden’s Public Remarks

Each and every day, Donald Trump looks at the latest tracking polls and sees that he’s falling further and further behind his likely Democratic challenger, former Vice President Joe Biden, who is up by as much as 9 points nationally over Trump and also leads in key battleground states such as Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and […]

Majority Of Voters Say They Trust Biden Over Trump To Handle The Economy And Pandemic

With the U.S. death toll from coronavirus passing 60,000 earlier today and the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) tumbling 4.8 percent in the first quarter of the year, American voters are indicating that they have lost all faith in Donald Trump’s ability to navigate the two biggest issues that will be the hallmarks of the 2020 […]

Polling Shows Joe Biden Leading Trump By A Large Margin In Key Battleground States

Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is getting good news in the form of a poll from Monmouth University which shows him leading Donald Trump in 300 of the most important swing counties that will decide who wins in November. The Monmouth poll shows Biden only a three-point lead in the national popular vote, but […]

New Video From Kamala Harris Is Fueling Speculation She’ll Be Joe Biden’s Running Mate

Out of nowhere on Friday, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) released a video on Twitter that has the political world speculating it might be a hint she’s on the very short list to be presumptive Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s running mate. In the video, Harris makes it clear that Donald Trump is the wrong man […]

Donald Trump’s Latest Plan To Destroy Joe Biden Just Blew Up In His Face

Donald Trump and the 2020 Trump for President campaign had it all planned out. Since it looked like Joe Biden would be the Democratic presidential nominee and the White House had been unable to dig up any dirt in Ukraine related to the former vice president’s son, Hunter, it was going to be necessary to […]

Democrats Warn Trump His Family Will Be Fair Game For Investigation If He Goes After Biden’s Son Again

Now that former Vice President Joe Biden is the front-runner in the Democratic presidential race, Donald Trump and his GOP allies in the Senate have made it clear that they intend to try and slag Biden by suggesting that his son, Hunter, has questionable ties to the nation of Ukraine. Just this week, Senator Ron […]

Rudy Giuliani Brags That He’s STILL Looking For Dirt on Joe Biden

You probably recall that back in 2016, while on the campaign trail, Donald Trump repeatedly bragged that if he was elected president, he would fill his administration with “the best people.” And yet, here we are three years later and it has repeatedly been proven that the best people are just as unqualified as the […]