Melania Gets Utterly Humiliated After Claiming She Cares About The Well-Being Of All Children

First Lady Melania Trump wants us to believe that she’s a virtuous person who cares about issues such as cyber bullying and children’s welfare, and yet she refuses to call her husband out for being a Twitter boor or criticize the administration’s policy of separating immigrant children from their parents and placing them in cages. […]

Donald And Melania Accused Of Committing Voter Fraud

In what may well wind up being the most ironic turn of events of the year, Donald and Melania Trump have been accused of voter fraud in what they now claim is their home state of Florida. No doubt you’ll recall that the president has repeatedly said absentee voting (aka voting by mail) is inherently […]

Prosecutors Suspect Melania Diverted Millions From Trump Inaugural Committee To Close Friend

Back in December of 2018, we learned that yet another investigation is now underway into actions taken by Donald Trump and members of his 2016 election team. The Wall Street Journal reported that federal prosecutors were looking at whether or not foreigners illegally donated to President Trump’s inaugural committee and a pro-Trump Super PAC in […]

Tone-Deaf Melania Gets Slammed For Tweeting ‘There’s No Need For Violence’ In Minneapolis

There are times when it’s wholly appropriate for a First Lady to speak out on issues that concern the nation. As a matter of fact, a presidential spouse can often reach a larger audience than a head of state, if only because they don’t speak as often. But that isn’t the case with remarks First […]

Former Trump Staffer Says Ivanka Refers To Melania As ‘The Junkie Wife’

Over the years, there have been a great many hints, rumors, and whispers about Donald Trump and possible drug use by him. More specifically, Trump has been accused of abusing cocaine back in the 1980s and then later obtaining a prescription for pharmaceutical speed. Apparently, Donald has a thing for uppers. Newsweek reporter Kurt Eichenwald […]

Melania Trump Gets Destroyed After She Offers ‘Thoughts And Prayers’ For Coronavirus Victims

With the U.S. death toll from coronavirus now having surpassed 52,000, First Lady Melania Trump decided she’d take to Twitter and offer up “thoughts and prayers” to the victims. But based on the responses she received, she probably should have remained silent. Here’s Melania’s tweet: Our thoughts & prayers continue to be w/ each person […]

Melania Gets Mocked After Hypocritically Complaining About Coronavirus ‘Rumors’

Much like her husband, First Lady Melania Trump often does herself more harm than good when it comes to her social media postings, many of which come back to haunt her or undercut the message she’s trying to convey. The coronavirus issue is no different. Since the beginning of the pandemic which has now claimed […]

In The Middle Of A Pandemic, Melania Trump Posts A Ridiculous Message About Parenting

As coronavirus continues to infect more Americans and health workers have to do without protective equipment such as gloves and masks, First Lady Melania Trump thought this would be an ideal time to make a video about how we can all be better parents and teach our children how to wash their hands. Keep in […]