WTF?! Michigan Court: Gun Nuts Can Open Carry In Elementary Schools

Michigan Circuit Judge Archie Hayman has ruled that citizens in the state can now openly carry weapons in schools, including elementary schools. WTF?! Yes, that’s right: It is now perfectly legal for any gun-toting nutjob who has a gun permit to carry a gun while in the presence of little children. Because hey, what could […]

Georgia Gun Nut Walks Around Atlanta Airport With Loaded AR-15–Says He’s Being Harassed

The last time you were at the airport, did you notice anyone other than security officials carrying a loaded gun? Well, if you want to see such a thing, I’d advise you to drop by Hartsfield-Jackson Airport in Atlanta, where a man did exactly that yesterday. Jim Cooley was at the airport to drop his […]

Open Carry Activist Causes Lockdown At School, Then Taunts Police

An open carry activist in Madison, Michigan, caused a high school to be placed on lockdown last week, and then began taunting police officers who were called by parents who saw the man marching in front of the school while carrying a loaded shotgun. The incident occurred last Thursday morning when a man carrying a […]