Ivanka Gets Reminded Of Her Dad’s Perverted Past When She Calls For An End To Human Trafficking

Ivanka Trump was in Georgia on Monday, trying desperately to attach herself to an important issue while also blatantly campaigning for her father, who should already have the Peach State locked up but finds himself in hell of a battle with Joe Biden. The issue Ivanka was trumpeting was the battle against human trafficking, according […]

Ghislaine Maxwell Tells Associate She Has Sex Videos Of ‘High Profile’ Politicians With Underage Girls

Ghislaine Maxwell, who allegedly served as an unofficial pimp and arranged the recruitment and grooming of underage girls for sex with the late convicted sex offender, Jeffrey Epstein, may have what could either be a “get of jail free” card or a ticket to her own untimely death, according to a friend of Maxwell’s who […]

Pervy Trump Told Michael Cohen He ‘Would Love Some Of’ The Attorney’s Underage Daughter

Donald Trump is a world-class pervert. If you doubt that, consider the evidence: Trump bragged that he liked to kiss women against their will and grab them “by the pussy.” The Donald has said that he was “sexually attracted” to his daughter, Ivanka, when she was only 13. Trump was once accused of raping a […]

Accused Rapist Trump Declares He’s ‘Done More For Women Than Just About Any President In History!’

Did you know that President Donald Trump has been a champion for women since taking office? To hear him tell it, he’s probably the greatest thing to happen to women since Susan B. Anthony and the 19th Amendment. which gave American women the right to vote. Out of nowhere Friday afternoon, Trump fired off this […]

Trump’s ‘Golden Shower’ Video Was Only The Beginning Of Trump’s Sexual Depravity: Report

You probably remember that at the beginning of the Russia investigation conducted by former Special Counsel Robert Mueller, there was mention of a trip Donald Trump made to Moscow in 2013 when he still owned the rights to the Miss Universe pageant. As CNN reported, the allegation was that Russian intelligence had a video of […]

Legal Experts: The Arrest Of Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘Pimp’ Is Terrifying News For Donald Trump

On Thursday, the FBI took Ghislaine Maxwell, the longtime friend, associate, and pimp of the late convicted pedophile and sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, into custody in New Hampshire, according to The Washington Post: “A grand jury indictment unsealed Thursday charged Maxwell, daughter of the late media tycoon Robert Maxwell, with conspiring to entice minors to travel […]

Trump Said To Be Afraid Michael Cohen Will Reveal His Sexual Perversions In Upcoming Book

You may have heard that President Donald Trump’s former personal attorney, Michael Cohen, was released from federal prison early and will serve the remainder of his sentence in home confinement due to the coronavirus pandemic which has been sweeping through prisons across the country. But Cohen won’t be sitting around the house twiddling his thumbs […]

Pervy Trump Once Insisted Ivanka Give Him A Lap Dance On Set Of ‘The Apprentice’

There’s always been something incredibly unsettling and downright perverted about Donald Trump’s fascination with his daughter/adviser Ivanka Trump. And it goes back decades, with the father once admitting that he was sexually attracted to Ivanka, remarking: “Is it wrong to be more sexually attracted to your own daughter than your wife?” Now, however, we have […]

Lawsuit: Trump Accused Of ‘Repeatedly Raping’ A 13-Year-Old Girl With Jeffrey Epstein

When he was asked about Jeffrey Epstein— who was accused of sexually assaulting numerous underage girls — in July of last year, President Donald Trump pretended he hadn’t had contact with Epstein in years, commenting: “I had a falling out with him. I haven’t spoken to him in 15 years. I was not a fan […]

Former Staffer: Donald Trump Is A ‘Violent Deviant’ Who Likes To Beat Young Girls

Donald Trump is a prototypical misogynist. For those who doubt this to be a fact, consider the evidence: He bragged that he enjoys grabbing women “by the pussy.” Trump has repeatedly attacked strong women who dare to oppose him, i.e. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, etc. Donald Trump claims that smart women are “killers” […]