Texas Police Chief Used His Position To Solicit And Stalk Several Underage Girls

The police chief of Maypearl, Texas, has been placed on administrative leave while the Texas Rangers investigate whether or not he used his position to solicit and stalk several underage girls. A search warrant was served on Kevin Coffey, who allegedly began sending sexually explicit messages to one girl–who was 14 at the time–via Facebook. The […]

Shocking Video Shows California Cop Choking And Tasing 12-Year-Old Boy

An incredibly disturbing video of a police officer violently choking and tasing a 12-year-old boy in Fullerton, California, has surfaced, and it would appear to be the latest shocking incident of police abuse of power and brutality. Witnesses report that the 12-year-old boy, identified only as “Joshua” because he’s a minor, was skateboarding with friends […]

St. Louis SWAT Team Raids Home And Kills Family’s Dog–Their Crime: An Unpaid Utility Bill

Imagine you’re sitting quietly in your home, just you, your family, and your trusted dog. All of a sudden a SWAT team busts through the door, aims semiautomatic rifles at you, shoots your dog dead, and then threatens to kill one of your children. Sounds like something out of a nightmare, doesn’t it? Well, it […]

Texas Cops Storm Elderly Man’s House, Break His Hip, Then Leave Without Calling Ambulance

Police dressed in SWAT gear stormed an 81-year-old man’s home, handcuffed him, broke his hip, and then left him without calling for medical assistance, according to a lawsuit filed in Georgetown, Texas. The incident, which took place in September of 2014, began at the home of Herman Crisp. Crisp says he was sitting outside his […]