Infant Girl Attacked By Police Dog After Cops Detain The Wrong Person (Video)

Take a good look at the adorable 17-month-old little girl you see in the photo above. Does she look dangerous to you? No, of course she doesn’t. But police in Henderson, Nevada, turned a police dog loose on her and she was bitten on her arm repeatedly, as you can see in this picture: This […]

CA Cop Will Not Be Charged For Bashing Woman In Face; He Was ‘Protecting’ Her

Back in July, a video went viral which showed a Los Angeles police officer–later identified as Daniel Andrew–viciously beating and nearly killing Marlene Pinnock. The video clearly showed Andrew pummeling Pinnock and her head bouncing off concrete as he assaulted her. But on Friday, very quietly, with no fanfare, the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office […]

Shocking Video Shows California Cop Choking And Tasing 12-Year-Old Boy

An incredibly disturbing video of a police officer violently choking and tasing a 12-year-old boy in Fullerton, California, has surfaced, and it would appear to be the latest shocking incident of police abuse of power and brutality. Witnesses report that the 12-year-old boy, identified only as “Joshua” because he’s a minor, was skateboarding with friends […]

WATCH As Two White California Cops Savagely Beat A Restrained Black Man

I will continue to ask this question until it is no longer necessary for it to be asked: How many more times? How many more times must we see videos of police officers using excessive force and violence to subdue suspects who are not even resisting? How many more times do we have to call […]

Woman Suing Oakland Police For Vicious Beating After She ‘Flunked The Attitude Test’

Megan Sheehan admits that she was both drunk and belligerent on the evening of March 17, 2014, but she also thinks that members of the Oakland Police used excessive force when they arrested her. One look at the photo of her the night she was arrested would seem to support her contention. Sheehan is now […]

The Value of a Life: A Few Loose Cigarettes

By now, we have all seen the video numerous times. It is probably fair to say that the video has been seen around the world by billions of people. Yet no matter how many times we see this video of New York City police officers accosting Eric Garner–insisting that he put his hands behind his […]

Careful Where You Step, You Might Offend a Cop

No doubt you heard about the five St. Louis Rams players who raised their arms as they took the field Sunday  in a show of sympathy and compassion with protesters in Ferguson, Missouri, who are still upset by the lack of an indictment for Officer Darren Wilson’s shooting of Michael Brown, an unarmed teenager.  One […]