These Issues From The Democratic Debate Prove Why The Dems Will Win In 2016

Last night’s Democratic debate was described by some as boring, pedantic, and even a flat-out waste of time. I have to disagree. While the debate was focused on foreign policy and issues related to national security, it and the previous debates have clearly highlighted the reasons why the Democratic nominee is virtually guaranteed to win the […]

Fearmongering And Loathing In Las Vegas–The GOP Turns To Scare Tactics

Watching last night’s Republican Presidential debate, one thing became clear after less than an hour: the GOP candidates (and by extension the party) have no ideas, no plans, no real roadmap for the future of America other than attempting to scare the shit out of voters. Again and again last night, we heard the nine […]

Bryan Cranston’s Message To Dick Cheney: ‘Shame On You’ For What You Did To America

I want to say right up front that Bryan Cranston is one of my favorite actors working today. I was a huge fan of “Breaking Bad,” and one of the main reasons I watched it so faithfully was because Cranston has such an amazing ability to bring reality and depth to the characters he plays. And […]

‘Turd Blossom’ Karl Rove Calls Bernie Sanders ‘An Elderly Dyspeptic Bilbo Baggins’

Quick trivia question for political junkies: What was George W. Bush’s nickname for Karl Rove, his political advisor? If you said Turd Blossom, give yourself 100 points and go to the front of the line. And now Turd Blossom Rove has decided to take his vitriol out on the Democratic candidates for President. Appearing on […]