Trump’s Coronavirus Poll Bounce Evaporates As Voters Say He’s Failing In His Duties

A week ago, Donald Trump was riding high when it came to how the American public perceived his handling of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic which has left over 4.600 Americans dead and another 209,000 infected with the often lethal disease. Specifically, a Gallup tracking poll showed that 49 percent of those surveyed approved of the […]

The Bad News Keeps Rolling In – And Over – Donald Trump

Donald Trump has failed miserably when it comes to any number of the things he was elected to accomplish. Trump promised the economy would boom under his leadership. But coronavirus has the nation on the verge of an economic depression, with 3.3 million Americans filing for unemployment last week and the overall unemployment rate possibly […]

New Poll Shows Biden Leading Trump By Large Margin In Key 2020 Swing Districts

Even though the Democratic primaries have been put on temporary hold due to the health scare caused by coronavirus, front-runner Joe Biden is getting good news in the form of a new poll from Monmouth University which shows him leading Donald Trump in 300 of the most important swing counties that will decide who wins […]

New Poll Shows There’s An Excellent Chance The Senate Is Turning Blue In November

While the race for the White House gets most of the headlines, there’s a major battle going on behind the scenes to turn the U.S. Senate blue in the November election, and recent polling suggests that a Democratic majority is well within reach. The most vulnerable incumbent Republicans are Sens. Susan Collins (ME) and Martha […]

Brand New Impeachment Poll Has Terrifying News For Donald Trump

As Donald Trump continues to whinie on Twitter that he’s being harassed and treated badly by Congress, a new poll suggests that not only are Americans sick and tired of the president, they’re ready to make a change. A YouGov poll that was taken before the damaging summary of Trump’s phone call with Ukrainian President […]

Twitter Shreds Fox Host For Touting Trump’s ‘Excellent’ 43 Percent Approval Rating

Bless their hearts, the dolts over at Fox News just love them some Donnie Dotard Trump. They just can’t get enough of his baby hands, fiberglass insulation hair, and mindless tweets. And nothing delights them more than blowing kisses and sending fawning praise in the direction of El Orangeface. Kimberly Guilfoyle, who serves as co-host […]

Majority Of Americans Say Trump Has Accomplished NOTHING (POLL)

Donald Trump loves to brag about all of the things he’s accomplished during his first year in office. Back in June, he remarked: “Never has there been a president, with few exceptions — case of FDR, he had a major depression to handle — who has passed more legislation and who has done more things than what […]

The Stench Of Trump’s Scandals Has Mike Pence’s Poll Numbers In Freefall

Though they don’t often say it out loud, most Republicans wouldn’t exactly mind if President Trump did wind up being forced from office as a result of the Russia scandal. Many of them feel that Vice President Pence would be a better head of state and more in tune with the issues that matter most […]

Falling Fast: Trump’s Approval Rating Now Lowest Of Any President In 70 Years

Have you noticed that President Trump never ever mentions his polling numbers anymore? During the campaign, he always bragged about how much he was winning by in the polls, and has even crowed about how he won the election, even though he actually lost by 3 million ballots in the popular vote. The latest ABC News/Washington […]

Americans Asked To Describe Trump With One Word–Results Guaranteed To Piss Off The Orange Menace

Here’s a question that every American can answer without having to expend much mental energy: What one word pops into your head when you hear the name Donald Trump? What did you come up with? For me, it’s liar, because that’s what the president does anytime he opens his mouth or picks up his phone […]