REPORT: No New FBI Director Because Trump Is Distracted And Distant During The Interviews

It’s been more than three weeks since President Trump abruptly fired FBI Director James Comey, and despite promises from Trump and his spokespeople that a new director would soon be chosen, the process is taking longer than expected. And you can place the blame for that on the person at the top. Three associates of […]

Trump’s Tweets Seen As A ‘Gold Mine’ For Special Counsel Mueller’s Investigation

Twitter, which President Trump says allows him to communicate directly with the American public, could wind up being a valuable piece of evidence that leads to his eventual destruction. As Special Counsel Robert Mueller begins his investigation into Trump and his associates and their possible connections to Russian agents or other entities which may have […]

CNN Panel: Trump’s Tweets Prove He’s In A Self-Destructive, Downward Spiral (VIDEO)

Since coming back from his trip to the Middle East and Europe, President Trump has been tweeting at a frantic pace, and it all culminated with a bizarre tweet he sent out early Wednesday morning with a misspelled word:   He later deleted that tweet, but it, along with others he’s been posting since returning […]

MSNBC Panel On Trump: ‘He Incriminates Himself Every Day’ (VIDEO)

Monday evening, the Washington Post revealed that Donald Trump asked the heads of American intelligence to “push back” against allegations that he and his campaign had colluded with Russia to influence the 2016 election. It was just the latest bombshell report which would seem to indicate that the so-called president has attempted to interfere with […]

Dense Donnie Has A Civil War Memorial On His VA Golf Course…For A Battle That NEVER TOOK PLACE!

Earlier this week, Donald Trump made a ridiculous statement about how President Andrew Jackson was angry he couldn’t mediate the an end to the Civil War, even though Jackson died 16 freaking years before the war began! And now we have yet another example that proves Trump knows less than nothing about history. At his […]

Jeb Bush Just Laid A Nasty Burn On Donald Trump, And It Was Freaking Great!

During the 2016 race for the Republican nomination, Donald Trump seemed to relish attacking Jeb Bush, branding him “low energy” and making other derogatory remarks about the former Florida governor. But with Trump now over 100 days into his administration with next to nothing to show for his meager efforts, Bush is returning fire. Speaking […]

CNN’s Ana Navarro Sums Up Trump’s 100 Days: ‘2 Minutes Of Unity’ And ‘Golfed 20 Times’ (VIDEO)

Did Donald Trump accomplish anything in his first 100 days? He managed to pass no legislation, achieved no foreign polity breakthroughs, and his two most hyped executive orders (the travel ban and taking money away from so-called sanctuary cities) were both put on indefinite hold by federal courts. On CNN’s State of the Union Sunday […]

Wait Until You Hear What The Trump Team Has Really Spent The First 100 Days Doing!

Let’s see, with about 48 hours until the Trump team reaches the 100 days in office mark, what do they have to show for their efforts? It would appear the answer is: But hey, maybe we should cut the Trump administration some slack, because according to a report from Politico, the Trumpers are just now […]

MSNBC Host: Trump Is ‘Pure Evil’ And ‘This Country Cannot Survive With A Failure At The Top’ (VIDEO)

With the 100th day of the Trump administration now just 72 hours away, many of us are taking a long look at the damage which has already been done by this deeply unhinged man who offers little more than empty promises, continual lies, and the threat of destroying the very foundations of this great republic. […]

Trump’s Latest Interview Proves Senility Has Completely Overtaken Him

Donald Trump recently sat down for an in-depth interview with the Associated Press, and it only served to reinforce what many of us have long suspected: The man with the codes to our nuclear arsenal has completely lost his mind. I don’t mean that figuratively, either. Clearly, this guy is suffering from advanced senility. Here’s […]