The Commutation Of Roger Stone Makes It Likely He’ll Wind Up In A New York Prison Very Soon

When he commuted the federal criminal sentence of Roger Stone, Donald Trump probably thought he was doing his longtime friend a huge favor, and he did indeed keep Stone from having to serve a single day in federal prison. But that’s only half the story when it comes to Roger Stone, who is now facing […]

Move By Judge In Roger Stone Case Suggests Very Bad News Is Coming For The Trump Protégé

After President Trump and his lapdog at the Justice Department, William Barr, tried to meddle in the case of longtime Trump friend and protégé Roger Stone last week, the federal judge who is scheduled to sentence Stone later this month just made it clear that she’s still in control of what happens to him. On […]

Roger Stone’s Phone Conversations With Trump May Link POTUS To 2016 Hack Of Democrats

The trial of Roger Stone, a longtime friend and confidant of President Donald Trump, which started earlier this month in Washington, D.C., has exposed a possible link between Trump, Stone, Wikileaks, and the hack of the Democratic National Committee in 2016. Talking Points Memo reports: “Prosecutors revealed for the first time two phone conversations Roger […]