Sheriff Joe Arpaio Ambushed Jane Sanders, And Bernie Just Fired Back

Maricopa County, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio has long been known to engage in racial profiling, houses inmates in outdoor “tent city” facilities, and even serves spoiled food to those who are unfortunate enough to have to spend any time in his custody. So it’s not surprising that this racist asshat of a worm has enthusiastically […]

WATCH Bernie Sanders Call Out Chuck Todd Out For Being The Media Hack He Is

Full disclosure right up front: I don’t like Meet the Press host Chuck Todd. I didn’t like him when he was one of the primary hosts on daytime MSNBC shows, and when he took over from David Gregory on MTP, I stopped watching the show. But I did go back and watch the exchange between […]

Bernie Sanders Calls Out The GOP For Their 2016 Budget Proposal

Senator Bernie Sanders took one look at the latest budget proposal from Congressional Republicans and immediately said what needed to be said by every Democrat in the country: The GOP will not be happy until the wealthiest Americans have even more money. Sanders, during a meeting of the Senate Budget Committee Tuesday, excoriated the GOP […]