Stephen Miller’s Wife Says She Feels No Compassion For Migrant Children Ripped From Their Parents

The wife of top White House policy adviser Stephen Miller, Katie, was clearly the perfect match for him, because she also sounds like a heartless monster who doesn’t feel the least bit guilty about the fact that the Trump administration is ripping immigrant children from their parents and placing them into internment camps. Speaking with […]

Former Trump Adviser Predicts He’ll Suffer ‘One Of The Worst Electoral Defeats’ In History

In private, Donald Trump is telling aides and campaign advisers that he knows he’s way behind in the 2020 race for the White House and likely headed for a humiliating defeat in the November election. From one embarrassing misstep to another — a noxious tweet, a lackluster performance during an interview with Fox host Sean […]

Two Former U.S. Attorneys Say William Barr Faces Criminal Charges After He Leaves Office

It’s no exaggeration to call Attorney General William Barr the second-most dangerous person in the federal government, behind only his lord and master, President Donald Trump. After all, it’s Barr who has provided cover for many of Trump’s illegal and unethical actions, willingly obfuscating the most damaging portions of the report from Special Counsel Robert […]

Trump Is Now Holding Meetings So He Can Tell Staffers He’s Mentally And Physically Fit For Office

Donald Trump is losing it, and that’s even becoming clear to White House staffers, who recently had to listen to the president go on and on about how he’s mentally and physically fit to be the head of state, according to The Washington Post: “The early June meeting in the Cabinet Room was intended as […]

Cowardly Mike Pence Repeatedly Refuses To Say ‘Black Lives Matter’ During Interview

Mike Pence likes to pretend that he’s a devout Christian, but first and foremost he’s a disciple of Donald Trump. And he proved that definitively on Friday during an interview. The vice president left no doubt where his loyalties lie again during an interview with a local TV station in Philadelphia, refusing to say that […]

Trump Aides Have Warned Him He’s On A ‘Path To Defeat’ – He Didn’t Take The News Well

Top campaign advisers recently met with Donald Trump at the White House and warned him that internal polling shows he will very possibly lose the 2020 election, according to The New York Times, and Trump didn’t take the news very well: “In a recent meeting with his top political advisers, President Trump was impatient as they […]

Federal Appeals Court Signals It Will Overrule Barr’s DOJ And Let Michael Flynn Be Imprisoned

In an absolutely unprecedented move, a federal appeals court made it clear Friday that it is not ready to dismiss all charges against former Trump administration national security adviser Michael Flynn, signaling that it will allow the district court judge hearing the case — Emmet G. Sullivan — to make his own decision, which could […]

New Court Filing By Attorney For Michael Flynn Likely To Backfire Badly On The Convicted Liar

An attorney representing former Trump National Security Adviser Michael Flynn made a filing in a federal appeals court on Tuesday that appears likely to do more harm than good, even leading to the imprisonment of the retired Army lieutenant general. According to Law and Crime, attorney Sidney Powell has requested that the U.S. Court of […]

Michael Flynn Is Apparently On The Verge Of Being Sent To Prison For Perjury And Contempt

Michael Flynn, the former national security adviser for President Donald Trump who resigned in disgrace after lying to Vice President Mike Pence about his contacts with Russian officials and later pleaded guilty for lying to FBI agents, has a new legal headache that could well send him to prison: The judge in his case is […]

Former Federal Prosecutor Warns Lawless AG Bill Barr His ‘Time In The Barrel Is Coming’

Attorney General William Barr has repeatedly proven that he doesn’t owe any loyalty to the Constitution. Instead, he serves and defends Donald Trump and those who Trump chooses to favor. All others are expendable, and the rule of law has been shredded in the service of a megalomaniac head of state who seems determined to […]