Robert Mueller’s Next Move Will ROCK Washington To Its Very Foundations

The question gets asked just about every day: When will Special Counsel Robert Mueller take the next steps which will tell us the end might be near for Donald Trump and cabal of collaborators who may well have committed treason during the 2016 presidential campaign? It’s been eleven months since former National Security Adviser Michael […]

Robert Mueller Said To Be ‘Laser-Focused’ On THESE Crimes In Russia Probe

While we know the basic story of what happened in the 2016 election — i.e. Russia hacked the DNC and stole massive amounts of data that they then dumped via WikiLeaks; Trump narrowly won the electoral vote, managing to pull off razor-thin margins in states such as Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin — we only have […]

How Robert Mueller Completely Outfoxed Donald Trump And Rudy Giuliani

On Wednesday, CNN reported that President Donald Trump and his attorneys had formally submitted written responses to questions from Special Counsel Robert Mueller as part of the ongoing Russia investigation. Asked if the president would now respond to any follow-up questions from Mueller’s team, Rudy Giuliani commented: “We’ll consider them and answer them if necessary, […]

Former Deputy AG: Expect ‘Blockbuster Developments’ From Mueller Very Soon

Harry Litman is a former deputy attorney general for the Department of Justice and frequent guest on MSNBC, where he regularly shares his thoughts on the Russia probe being conducted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Tuesday morning, Litman tweeted out this: OK sports fans, commentators predict Robert Mueller's next steps at their peril, but there […]

New Court Filing Tells Us BIG NEWS Is Coming Soon From Robert Mueller

Late Thursday evening, prosecutors working for Special Counsel Robert Mueller filed a request asking for a 10-day delay on updating a federal judge on the status of former 2016 Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort’s cooperation with their office as it relates to the ongoing Russia investigation. Bloomberg reports: “Lawyers in the case were supposed to […]

Roger Stone Is About To Hand Trump To Robert Mueller On A Silver Platter

If you were looking for proof that the Russia investigation being conducted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller is on the verge of some explosive revelations, it was provided by none other than President Donald Trump himself in a series of Thursday tweets that reeked of desperation and guilt. The tweets started this morning with these […]

Robert Mueller Proves Yet Again That He’s Several Steps Ahead of Trump

Thursday morning, a story from CNN about the latest on the investigation being conducted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller drew special attention coming as it did just a day after Donald Trump fired his attorney general, Jeff Sessions, and replaced him with a GOP political hack. This detail from the CNN report was especially intriguing: […]

By Firing Sessions, Trump Thinks He Can End The Mueller Probe – Here’s Why He Can’t

With each passing day, Donald Trump gets more angry about the investigation being conducted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. And as his furor escalates, he again comes back to what he thinks is the only solution: Get rid of Mueller. Republicans on Capitol Hill have been only too happy to try and assist the president […]

Looks Like Robert Mueller Has His Own November Surprise — It’s Mueller Time!

Since he was appointed in May of 2017, Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his team of investigators have been busy compiling evidence, interviewing people, and presenting testimony to grand juries that have so far resulted in 35 indictments or guilty pleas. In other words, it’s been a by the books probe with plenty of results. […]

BLOCKBUSTER REPORT Lays Out All Of Donald Trump’s 2016 Campaign Crimes

No matter how the midterm election turns out next week, it seems clear that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is close to some major moves in his ongoing investigation into the Russian attack on the 2016 election. But what might happen in the weeks and months ahead? Well, there will probably be more indictments, including for […]