New York Attorney General Tish James Lets Eric Trump Know He’ll Obey Her Subpoena – Or Else

Back in July, Eric Trump was scheduled to comply with a subpoena issued by the office of Tish James, the New York Attorney General and sit for an interview under oath. But two days before he had promised to appear, he backed out. A month later, James went to court in order to compel Eric, […]

Judge Rules Fraud And Racketeering Suit Against The Trump Family Will Move Forward

A federal judge has dealt a major blow to Donald Trump, his family, and the Trump Corporation by refusing to stay a massive lawsuit that accuses the Trumps of running a pyramid scheme that allegedly bilked investors out of millions of dollars. Those investors are now seeking a large settlement that could possibly endanger the […]

Trump Is Accused Of Diverting Almost $1 Million In Taxpayer Money To His Resorts

Donald Trump and his surrogates love to brag about the fact that he refuses to accept his $400,000 annual presidential salary and instead donates it to various federal agencies such as the Department of Homeland Security or the Interior Department, as if he’s some sort of world-famous philanthropist whose personal charity, the Donald J. Trump […]

New York Prosecutors Believe The Trump Organization Illegally Hid $100 Million In Revenue

On Monday, we learned that New York Attorney General Letitia James had filed court documents asking a judge to compel Eric Trump, executive vice president of the Trump Organization, to give testimony under oath as part of an ongoing investigation by the AG into whether or not the president’s company has inflated its assets over […]

Eric Trump Gets Humiliated For Whining About Being Under Criminal Investigation In New York

On Monday, Eric Trump was named in civil suit brought by New York Attorney General Letitia James which alleges the Trump Organization has committed fraud by inflating the value of its assets in order to obtain financing from banks. In a statement with the court filing by the AG’s office, James commented: “Nothing will stop […]

New York Attorney General Investigating Eric Trump And The Trump Organization For Financial Fraud

New York Attorney General Tish James made it clear Monday with a court filing that she plans to get to the bottom of questions about whether or not the Trump Organization has engaged in shady business practices over the years, according to the Washington Post: “In the filing, signed by a deputy to Attorney General […]

Trump Hotels Lay Off Thousands Of Employees As The Company Starts To Implode

In yet another sign that the flagship business which makes up the majority of the revenues for the Trump Organization is in serious financial trouble, the Washington Post reports that the family-owned company has laid off 1,500 employees at its hotels in the United States and Canada: “The Trump Organization has laid off or furloughed […]

Cash-Strapped Trump Organization Is Reportedly On The Brink Of Financial Collapse

The Trump Organization, like so many American businesses these days, is experiencing a tremendous downturn in revenues, and because the president’s family company is heavily leveraged and owes millions in payments for loans it has taken out, could be on the verge of total financial collapse and the seizure of its assets, according to the […]

Donald Trump’s ‘Beijing Connection’: He Owes Tens Of Millions To The National Bank Of China

Several days ago, Donald Trump was asked about possibly giving coronavirus aid to Iran. His response was rambling and verbose, but at the end of it he managed to get in a cheap shot at his likely Democratic opponent in November, Joe Biden: “If Joe Biden got in they would own America between them, China […]

The Coronavirus Pandemic Is Taking A Massive Economic Toll On The Trump Organization

The coronoavirus pandemic has put the global economic order into a state of paralyzed fear and may very well wind up leading to a global recession in the months ahead. No matter where you look — the stock market, trade balances, unemployment filings — all signs point to a dramatic economic downturn which won’t be […]