Report: Putin’s Collection Of Congressional Puppets Existed Long Before Installing Trump

At about the same time Donald Trump Jr. was meeting with several Russians in June of 2016, a new report suggests that a Republican member of Congress from California had already begun to do the bidding of the Kremlin in an effort to get sanctions modified or lessened. According to The Daily Beast:  “After being given […]

JUST IN: Trump And Putin Held Second, Secret Meeting At G-20 Summit

Though you can probably expect him to whine that it’s “fake news,” we now know that President Trump had a second meeting with Russian president Vladimir Putin during the G-20 summit last week in Hamburg. Political scientist Ian Bremmer said on the Charlie Rose Show that the second meeting, which was informal, took place on the sidelines […]

Russian Lawyer Who Met With Trump Jr. Says Campaign Was DESPERATE For Dirt On Clinton (VIDEO)

Back in June of 2016, with the Trump campaign trailing Hillary Clinton by double digits in the polls and fading fast, Donald Trump Jr. agreed to meet with Russian attorney Natalia Veselnitskaya, whom he was told was offering to deliver damaging information on Clinton in exchange for promises that if elected, Donald Trump would ease sanctions […]

Is The Infamous Trump ‘Golden Shower’ Video About To Be Released?

Out of nowhere on Thursday evening, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein issued a terse press release which read: “Americans should exercise caution before accepting as true any stories attributed to anonymous ‘officials,’ particularly when they do not identify the country – let alone the branch or agency of government – with which the alleged sources […]

Lobbyist Confirms: AG Jeff Sessions Committed Perjury In Testimony Before Senate Committee

On Tuesday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions swore under oath that he didn’t have any contacts with lobbyists working for Russian interests while he was a part of the 2016 Trump for President campaign. But based on a report from the Guardian, it now appears that Sessions committed perjury. Richard Burt, who served as ambassador to […]

Donald Trump’s Claim Of ‘Tapes’ Is Total BS–Here’s How We Know (VIDEO)

As the Russia investigation threatens to consume both the White House and the Republican Party, the Trump administration has been given a deadline: Turn over any “tapes” of conversations between President Trump and former FBI Director James Comey by no later than June 23. Rest assured, there will be no recordings handed over because none […]

The Top 4 Bombshells From James Comey’s Testimony

Whether you watched former FBI Director James Comey’s three hours of public testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Thursday or not, there were some noteworthy moments that are worth recalling and keeping an eye on as the Trump-Russia matter moves forward. Here are four of the most important: The Russians Messed With the 2016 […]

WATCH A GOP Congressman Say Trump Asked Comey To End Russia Probe As A Way To ‘Get The Truth’

Some Republicans are already rushing to the defense of President Trump, saying he’s done nothing wrong based merely on Comey’s opening statement, which was released Wednesday afternoon. Ohio GOP Congressman Jim Jordan appeared on CNN’s New Day Thursday morning and declared that Trump wanted Comey to publicly state that Trump wasn’t currently under investigation by the […]

Paranoid POTUS Plans To Live-Tweet During James Comey’s Testimony (VIDEO)

Is Donald Trump worried about the public testimony former FBI Director James Comey will give to the Senate Intelligence Committee on Thursday? Apparently so, because we now have a report that the president will live-tweet during Comey’s appearance. Robert Costa of the Washington Post just revealed Trump’s plans during an appearance on MSNBC. Costa began […]

WATCH Eric Trump Declare The Russia Controversy ‘A Total Hoax’

If you weren’t already convinced that President Trump and numerous members of the White House staff are trying to hide something when it comes to the investigation into whether or not there was collusion and cooperation between the head of state and Russian operatives, then what his son Eric said on Fox News should pretty […]