Conway Gets Snippy When Fox Host Asks If Pence’s NFL Walkout Was A ‘Political Stunt’ (VIDEO)

The Trump administration’s continued hardline position regarding protests by NFL players during the national anthem is once again bringing controversy to the White House, this time due to the actions of Vice President Pence. On Sunday, Pence attended a game between the Indianapolis Colts and San Francisco 49ers at Lucas Oil Stadium. When some players knelt during […]

WATCH Chris Cuomo Shut Down Kellyanne Conway During A Discussion Of Gun Violence

Rather than have an actual conversation about the issue of guns in America, White House adviser went on a strange rant about Hillary Clinton and the Russia investigation during an appearance on CNN Thursday. Host Chris Cuomo asked Conway when exactly would be the right time to talk about new gun control measures since her […]

WATCH Kellyanne Conway Get Caught Completely Off Guard During An Interview

To hear the White House tell it, President Trump is totally focused on the important matters Americans care about, and his continuing obsession with NFL players protesting by kneeling during the national anthem is not distracting him. Senior adviser Kellyanne Conway was a guest on Trump’s favorite brainless TV show, Fox & Friends Wednesday morning, […]

REPORT: Chief Of Staff Giving Omarosa The Boot For ‘Triggering’ Trump

One thing seems certain about new Chief of Staff John Kelly: When he wants someone gone from the White House, they don’t last for long. Such was the case with short-lived communications director Anthony Scaramucci, and, more recently with Steve Bannon and Sebastian Gorka, both of who have slinked back to right-wing trash site Breitbart. […]

WATCH Katrina Pierson Say Slavery Proves That America Is ‘Special’

Few people in this world are more ignorant of basic American history than Trump surrogate Katrina Pierson, who said on Fox News Monday morning that slavery proves how “special and wonderful” the United States is. As part of a discussion of whether or not Confederate statues should be removed, Pierson said they shouldn’t because they’re […]

Gorka ‘On Thin Ice At White House,’ Likely To Be Next To Get The Ax (DETAILS)

With Steve Bannon now just a bad memory at the White House, it appears that Chief of Staff John Kelly is determined to get rid of every staffer who has ties to the alt-right, which means that deputy assistant to the president Sebastian Gorka is likely to be next to get the boot. CNN’s Jim […]

Looks Like Don Lemon Has Banned Trump Shill Jack Kingston From His Show (VIDEO)

Appearing on CNN Thursday evening, former GOP Congressman Jack Kingston began spewing one Trump administration talking point after another. It got so bad that host Don Lemon seemed to be saying that Kingston would not be appearing on the show again. During a discussion of Charlottesville and President Trump’s reaction to an act of domestic […]