The BIG NAME Mueller Indictments Are Coming, And These People Will Be On Them

A week ago, Special Counsel Robert Mueller indicted 12 Russians for their part in attacking the 2016 election which helped assure Donald Trump was elected president.

You might be wondering, who is next on the list of those who will be indicted by the Mueller team? Based on interviews given recently by former Trump campaign aide Sam Nunberg, there seems to be at least five people who will be heading to court sometime before the investigation wraps up. And some of the names will certainly grab your attention:

Corey Lewandowski: Lewandowski was head of the Trump campaign immediately before Paul Manafort after his ties to Russia were discovered. Manafort has already been indicted on dozens of charges by two separate grand juries. It seems logical to say that Lewandowski might also be on the list of people who are wrapped up in the conspiracy to rig the 2016 election.

Hope Hicks: The former White House Director of Communications is said to be fiercely loyal to Trump, and her loyalty may well have crossed the line into illegal acts, such as the role she played in crafting the statement issued to the press shortly after news of the infamous Trump Tower meeting featuring Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner, and Paul Manafort came to light.

Steve Bannon: Bannon has said he will cooperate fully with Mueller, but that doesn’t mean he won’t be indicted as a co-conspirator in the Russia probe. Also, he may not have been quite as cooperative as he’s led us to believe.

Jared Kushner: There’s no shortage of crimes Kushner can be charged with, and they range from money laundering to directly contacting Russian officials for information detrimental to Hillary Clinton. No matter what he does or how much he agrees to assist Mueller, Kushner will definitely be indicted.

Donald J. Trump: The Big Kahuna. Some legal experts say Mueller won’t indict Trump; others say he has no choice but to indict him if the evidence points in that direction. Even if he isn’t directly indicted, it’s a safe bet that Trump will be named as an unindicted co-conspirator, and that alone would be enough to kick off impeachment hearings.

When will the next indictments be handed down? Most legal pros say before the end of summer, and others say the next ones could be in the offing as soon as this Friday. Stay tuned.

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