These Photos Of Donald And Ivanka Trump Will Completely Gross You Out

Donald Trump is a disgusting perv. That’s just a fact. He’s cheated on every woman he’s been married to, bragged that he likes to kiss and grab women “by the pussy,” and says incredibly sexist things about women.

But perhaps the most disturbing thing about Trump is the way he looks at and touches his daughter, Ivanka. Keep in mind this is a man who once said of his daughter when she was only 13:

“Is it wrong to be more sexually attracted to your own daughter than your wife?”

Yeah, it’s very wrong. And you should seek professional help, Donald.

If you need further convincing that our idiot head of state is a sick human being, consider these photos of him with Ivanka over the years:

Lap Dance (1996)

Is it just me, or does this look exactly like some kind of bizarre lap dance? Check out the guy in the yellow shirt to the right. He’s clearly uncomfortable as he watches Daddy Donnie with his little girl.

Daddy’s Favorite (1992)

Maybe this is innocent, but considering what we know about Trump, that seems unlikely.

Tight Squeeze (1993)

Why exactly does Trump feel the need to grab and kiss his daughter when cameras are around? She was 12 in this photo.

In Bed With Daddy (1994)

How much would you bet that he told her to kiss him for this photo? Again, why does he feel a need to take pictures with his daughter that give off this bizarre vibe?

GOP Convention (2015)

Two questions:

  • Why is his hand on her butt?
  • Why is he looking at her chest?

Hair Kiss (2007)

Donald must have been aiming for Ivanka’s cheek, but instead he got her hair. He probably didn’t mind in the least.

So, what do you think? Perv or just proud daddy?

20 thoughts on “These Photos Of Donald And Ivanka Trump Will Completely Gross You Out

  1. It was disgusting when she was a child, and it’s still icky now. I shudder just looking at these pictures. If Ivanka has any sense she won’t allow her daughters to be anywhere near Gramps alone. I often wonder if this little bit of perversion on his part is why Marla never insisted on daddy being in Tiffany’s life.

    • There is a video recording of trump being interviewed with his wife Marla as they sit side-by-side with Tiffany in a stroller the interviewer asks what do you see in your daughter that you see in your wife. You would think maybe strong-willed, funny, other nice qualities that would complement your mother. His answer was as he held his hands in front of his chest said he doesn’t know about these yet, meaning her projected breast as she gets older and her legs. What a fucking pig.

  2. Really Creepy! !
    A father would not act like that.
    Seems like pedifiles. You don’t see pictures with his other children.
    Especially her has an adult.

  3. remember rednecks are only rednecks because they have no fucking money.. this white trash motherfucker is the embodiement of hte GOP…. hateful, lame, fat, rich as all hell, clueless about rules and boundaries…oh did I mention F A T?????

  4. A father that acts like that around his daughter has what you call an incestuous emotional relationship. Who knows there could have been sexual contact as well.
    He’s one sick mother fucker. I would not trust my grand-daughters around him. He’s just too creepy.

    • It is actually an extension of his own narcisstic , sociopathic personality disorder. Because he ” created ” her she is an extension of him and therefore he is obsessed with her physical perfection, because he is perfect…Plus he is a incestuous pervert….

  5. My God! We’re looking at a man lusting after his own daughter. This piece of dog shit is actually the leader of the free world. I wonder how does her mom feel about that relationship and if she has a relationship with her daughter. This is a sick ass family stealing all the money they can from the American people.

  6. Lori, I am so sorry. That shouldn’t have happened. A father is supposed to protect, cherish and not lust after their children.

  7. He is a total pervert! With all these accusations ah.gainst him over sexual assault, sexual abuse, and rape, why isn’t the GOP calling for his designation like they are Franken’s?

  8. She’s just as bad. She knows he’s a pervert and uses it to get her way. She’s learned that by watching how other woman manipulate him. And then become manipulated by him. It’s now one grown adult playing a popularity game with a pervert.

    • yep.. don’t forget Ivanka was having a sleep over and paris Hilton (age 13) had been invited. he asked… who’s the hot sexy little number…. ABOUT PARIS HILTON AGE 13… THE SAME AGE AS HIS DAUGHTER IVANKA. i’d say JARED… get your kids DNA TESTED…. any gal that has been w/DONJUAN… get tested for ALL STD’S. SERIOUSLY.. IT’S CALLED GROOMING.

  9. Remember what he said when Howard Stern asked him on one of his shows “would you say Ivanka is a nice piece of ass?” His answer was,”ya I would say that.” NUF SAID!!

  10. The one where she’s on the bed with him when she was about 12 or 13. That’s her underwear on the bed behind her

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