Time to Make Your Voice Heard; Time to Vote

It’s now less than two weeks until the midterm election. And it is more important than ever for Progressives to get out and make their voices heard. If you have early voting in your state, by all means vote now and avoid the election-day rush on November 4. If you don’t vote early, be sure and get to the polls on election day. The Republicans are already (prematurely) counting their gains, especially in the U.S. Senate, but they do not have the final word on the matter, you and I do! We have come too far in the past few years on issues such as healthcare reform, marriage rights for all, and expanding equality for every American to give the reins of power back to extremists who will not stop until they have turned this country over to their kleptocratic masters who run the multinational corporations and would love to subjugate us all. This may be the most important midterm election in our history. Be a part of the future and exercise your right to vote. If we don’t vote, we have no real right to complain.

3 thoughts on “Time to Make Your Voice Heard; Time to Vote

  1. I voted early yesterday and took three other people with me to do the same. Hope everyone will vote and take someone else with them. We have to show up and keep the Repubs from taking over.

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