Who Created ISIS?


There’s been a lot of chatter lately about who exactly is responsible for the rise of the ISIS terror organization in Iraq and Syria. Some of it has been incredibly insightful while other has been nothing short of paranoid and delusional. From my perspective, it seems that the creation of ISIS is mainly the result of the actions (or inaction) of the following:

*Syrian President Bashar al-Assad: Assad’s continual aggression against his own populace created the anger, revolt, and, finally, the vacuum into which ISIS found its place. Had Assad not been so blind to the consequences of his repression and murderous actions–the use of poison gas, barrel bombs, fraudulent elections–perhaps a political solution could have been reached. But the days of peace and reconciliation are long gone. Now the only outcome that will ever be acceptable to the numerous groups seeking Assad’s ouster is his leaving the country or dying. With his lies, merciless warfare, and his deafness to all other viewpoints, Assad has painted himself and Syria into a corner from which there will be nothing but a bloody and costly exit.

*The Gulf States: Yes, I’m referring to our “allies” in the region, most notably Qatar, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, and, most disturbingly, Saudi Arabia. With their massive infusions of cash and moral support for radical groups such as Al Qaeda and ISIS, the Gulf states have, with one hand, sold oil to the West while with the other taking our money and funneling it into the coffers of the very terrorists who seek to conquer the Middle East and destroy the “infidels” in America and Europe. They cannot seem to understand that these groups would love nothing more than to overthrow them before they begin their continued march toward a self-proclaimed caliphate. Do the Saudis truly believe that ISIS would spare them should they ever take control of the region? If so, they are truly delusional.

*George Bush and Dick Cheney: Does anyone still think, as Dick Cheney once said, that the invasion of Iraq would lead to a flowering of democracy in the Middle East? One person does, and it should not surprise you to know that person is Dick Cheney. Has one man ever been more utterly wrong about so many things? This is one of the “wise elders” of the Republican Party? If Cheney and his neocon minions had their way, this nation would be engaged in a perpetual state of war, hopping from one combat zone to another in the insane belief that only might can truly make right in the world. And George W. Bush, a man with no real thoughts in his head other than those placed there by Cheney and his ilk, followed these madmen into the hell we now know as modern-day Iraq, the partial home of ISIS. Bush and Cheney are war criminals and should be tried as such, if only as a warning to future Dr. Strangeloves who would push the United States into conflict with lies, fabricated intelligence, and a craven greed that is clear to the entire world.

So who is responsible for the creation of ISIS? Take a look at the suspects I present to you and decide: Are we completely innocent in sowing the seeds of our own terror fears, or are we all too complicit?

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  1. A major cause is George Bush and Dick Cheney, to which we must add Rumsfeld and Paul Bremmer’s purging of all Bathists from the Iraqi army. He provided a cadre of well trained and battle hardened soldiers who already hated the US because they lost, but then they had the salt of unemployed rubbed in the wound of defeat.

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