Adam Schiff Just Revealed Something About Trump’s Crimes That Should Terrify The Donald

While the probe conducted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller didn’t provide evidence that Donald Trump conspired directly with Russia to win the 2016 election, there was nothing on possible financial ties between Trump and Russia. Financial connections have long been believed to be where Trump is most vulnerable.

And now Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, has made it clear that the investigation his committee is conducting will follow the money, and that could well be exactly where all the ties between the president and Russia are located.

Speaking at the Council on Foreign Relations this week, Congressman Schiff noted:

“If the financial leverage that the Russians hold over the president is not just the dangling of Moscow Trump Tower, but that they’ve been doing business with him for years and laundering money through the business, that could be equally more compromising, since that would be criminal activity. I don’t know that is the base, maybe when we research this, maybe we’ll find it’s not the case. But we have begun that investigation already. We’re already in litigation over Deutsche Bank and other financial records.”

Trump has filed suit to block the release of his banking records from Deutsche Bank and other financial institutions that have done business with Trump and the Trump Organization over the years, but most legal experts believe he will lose those challenges and Congress will be allowed to see the banking information.

But it’s what Schiff said next that should absolutely terrify the president, because it suggests that the evidence the intelligence committee already has or expects to have very soon may be more than enough to impeach Trump:

‘We’re trying to follow the money. So far the court opinions have been enormously positive in the two cases that have gone to opinion so far and the Deutsche Bank litigation, as well as the accounting litigation.

“I think the Trump lawyers know they have no legal argument. But they feel as long as they can draw this out and stall this, they can push this possibly beyond 2020, they’ll delay it as long as possible. But the courts seem more than aware of this and are moving with all speed to resolve these questions, which I think is very positive.”

Once the connection is made between Trump and Russia via those financial records, the Donald is toast. If he had no ties to Russia, why would he be fighting so hard to keep those documents hidden? Only a guilty man behaves this way, and Trump has a lifetime of criminal activity he’s trying to hide.

Schiff is indeed following the money, and that means Donald Trump’s crimes are about to be exposed for all the world to see.

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