After Nunes Memo Backfires, GOP Lawmaker Calls For New Special Counsel To Investigate Hillary

How do we know the Devin Nunes memo was a giant nothingburger? Because now Republicans are saying Special Counsel Robert Mueller should continue his investigation, but there needs to be a second special counsel to investigate Hillary Clinton.

Sounds like something formulated in the tiny brain of Donald Trump, doesn’t it?

Appearing on Fox & Friends Saturday, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) was still trying to sell the Nunes dud memo as proof that the Mueller investigation was tainted, but then he shifted into high gear and commented:

“I definitely think there are grounds for a second special counsel. I’m not a big fan of special counsels but I see no other remedy.”

Not a big fan, but in this case, he’ll make an exception because he needs a new talking point since the Nunes fiasco blew up in his face.

Jordan then asserted that the second special counsel should be someone from outside Washington:

“Don’t have it be someone from Washington — like [Robert] Mueller and his team, all of Washington insiders. Have it be a judge — a retired federal judge from somewhere in the middle of to country, outside the swamp. Have them put together a team, then go do the investigation. Whatever conclusion they reach, I think there’s a much better chance the American people will accept that conclusion.”

But what if the judge from Middle America winds up utilizing the FBI for his investigation of Clinton? Wouldn’t that, under Jordan’s twisted logic, make the conclusion of the investigation invalid? Even worse, what if the judge appointed was a woman, or an African-American, or gay? Would Jordan and his fellow zealots in the GOP be willing to accept that?

The Republicans and Donald Trump thought they had a magic bullet with their Devin Nunes memo. But here we are a day later, and they’re trying to change the subject to Hillary Clinton yet again. It’s beyond pathetic.

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