Anti-Choice Group Says It Will Place Spies In Every U.S. Family Planning Clinic

First it was the now-infamous Center for Medical Progress releasing a series of heavily edited–and faked–videos in which they said Planned Parenthood officials were discussing the sale of body parts from aborted fetuses. Two of the ringleaders of that effort have now been indicted by a Texas grand jury.

Then we had 2016 GOP candidate Carly Fiorina saying she had personally viewed a video showing family planning clinic doctors discussing how to kill a fetus so they could harvest its brain. Fiorina could never produce such a video and yesterday she dropped out of the race, a complete failure at everything she has ever attempted in her life.

And now we have a new right-wing extremist group, Life Dynamics, promising to place undercover spies in every family planning and abortion clinic in the United States. Don’t these people have anything better to do than try and deny women a legal procedure?

Mark Crutcher, who is president of Life Dynamics, said on a Cleveland radio show that his group would be placing “intelligence operatives” at clinics around the country, and added that his goal was:

“To make sure there’s not an abortion clinic in this country that doesn’t have intelligence operatives surveilling it on a daily basis.”

Crutcher said the move was necessary because:

“There’s not an abortion clinic in this country that’s not engaged in at least a few illegal activities, not one.”

Illegal activities, you say? You mean like bombing family planning clinics and gunning down doctors in cold blood just because you don’t care for what they do? That kind of illegal activity?

The Life Dynamics president also noted:

“We know for a fact that we can put 100 trained people around the country by the end of this year.”

Sounds highly illegal to me, also. People will get access to clinics via false means and outright lies, then begin spying on others without a court order? Nah, nothing paranoid or crazy about that.

The anti-choice extremists in this country are still pissed off because they couldn’t get any dirt on Planned Parenthood, so now they think it’s a good idea to go look for more nonexistent crimes. And if they can’t find any, they’ll just make it all up. They are beyond pathetic.

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