Bernie Sanders Responds To The GOP Minimum Wage Debate, And It’s Freaking Awesome!

Bernie Sanders has supported raising the minimum wage for a long time, and has even marched with minimum wage workers who are seeking to have the wage raised nationally.

So it was no surprise that last night’s GOP debate began with a question to the Republican candidates: Do you support raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour?

Donald Trump replied that we all need to work harder, as if we’re not already doing that. Ben Carson told a long, meandering story which had nothing to do with the question, then finally said “no,” he did not support raising it. Overall, the GOP puppets spit out their preprogrammed robotic talking points and not a single one of them showed support for helping American workers.

Senator Sanders was also watching the debate, and he was lightning fast with his valid criticism of the Republican wannabes. He tweeted out:

And then Sanders escalated the debate to another level and tweeted about income inequality, reminding Americans that Donald Trump pays the same amount of Social Security tax as someone making $118K per year:

With each GOP debate, it becomes clearer that the Republicans will say and do anything to protect the interests of those who give them the most campaign money–i.e the Koch Brothers, Sheldon Adelson–and have no problem at all making sure American workers continue to get screwed by their employers.

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