Bill O’Reilly REFUSES To Accept Fox’s Own Poll Showing Sanders Beating All Republicans (Video)

As this campaign has developed over the past few months, hundreds of polls have been conducted and released, and with the sudden rise of Donald Trump, the vast majority of them have shown the Democratic nominee — whoever that winds up being — beating Trump in a head-to-head matchup. Other polls show the same thing if Texas Senator Ted Cruz happens to win the GOP bid for the White House. Only John Kasich manages to fare better among the Republicans.

On the Democratic side, most polls have indicated that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton would do well against the Republican nominee, but not as well as Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. Sanders consistently beats whoever wins the GOP nomination by double digits. The website breaks down the numbers into Electoral College votes, and it also indicates that Sanders would perform in a winning fashion against whoever the Republicans manage to select at their July convention in Cleveland.

Recently, a poll conducted by Fox News was released showing yet again that Sanders would win a general election no matter the GOP contender he faces. The Fox poll showed Sanders beating Ohio Governor John Kasich by 4 points, Ted Cruz by 12 points, and front-runner Donald Trump by a whopping 14 points. Landslides are made of such numbers.

But despite the numbers, and despite the fact that they came from Fox News, Fox host Bill O’Reilly said last night on “The O’Reilly Factor” the he isn’t buying that Sanders would win in such a scenario:

“I don’t believe it. And I have to say, with all due respect––the Fox News poll has been good––I don’t believe this. I just don’t.”

While O’Reilly may not believe what appears in black and white — and has been repeated dozens of times in numerous polls — the facts remain. It appears O’Reilly and others at Fox simply cannot stomach the notion of a man who calls himself a Democratic socialist winning the highest office in the land. It does not comport with their own view of the nation and the American electorate. But times change, and so do voters.

Here’s O’Reilly discussing the Fox poll last night on his show:

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