Billions In Loans Given To The Trump Organization Were Secretly Guaranteed By Russia

As we learned in Watergate, when you follow the money, you inevitably find the crimes.

Such is the case when it comes to Donald Trump’s connections to Russia, according to an explosive new report from Forensic News, which was summarized today by Daily Kos shortly after the website for Forensic News was mysteriously taken down by what appears to be a cyber attack.

All of this involves German financial behemoth Deutsche Bank, which has repeatedly loaned money to Trump and the Trump Organization despite the fact that Trump has defaulted on loans from the German bank:

“Those loans have always been the subject of head-scratching over just what Deutsche Bank could have been thinking. But if Forensic News is right, what Deutsche Bank was thinking was that it wasn’t risking a damn thing, because the Russian government was actually vouching for Trump through VTB Bank. If Trump didn’t come through, Vladimir Putin was offering to make it good.

“The documents supposedly originated with the son of a former Deutsche Bank official who committed suicide, which is very much the kind of connection that raises concerns about the authenticity of the information.”

Deutsche Bank had no fear of being stiffed when they loaned Trump billions because, if he failed to pay, Russia and Putin would gladly make the deal good. And that, in turn, would make Trump utterly beholden to the Kremlin.

Loans and those who secured them would have to be disclosed on Trump’s tax forms, and that explains why the president has so adamantly refused to let us see his taxes. Hell, he won’t even give them to Congress even though the law clearly states the IRS must do so when certain committees ask for them! Instead, Trump has fought the move in court, and the Supreme Court is set to rule on the tax return matter sometime this year.

All of this leads to a much larger, and more terrifying conclusion, which reaches far beyond tax fraud or other financial crimes. As Daily Kos warns, it suggests that Trump is only president thanks to the actions of Vladimir Putin, as many of us have long suspected:

“This would show that Donald Trump was 100% dependent on the Russian government for his ‘big comeback.’ It would mean that he was completely beholden to Putin for his real estate, for his golf courses, for his candidacy—for everything.”

Remember when Hillary Clinton accused Trump of being Putin’s “puppet” during the 2016 presidential debates? Turns out she was 100% correct. He’s been bought and paid for by his BFF in the Kremlin.

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