Bolton Warns: Trump Is Selling U.S. Foreign Policy To The Highest Bidder

Even though he won’t be testifying before the House impeachment committee until a federal judge decides if he has the full legal right to do so, former national security adviser John Bolton is already making it clear that he intends to exact a measure of revenge for the way President Donald Trump treated him during his 17 months in the administration.

NBC News reports that during remarks Bolton gave at a conference to Wall Street bank Morgan Stanley’s global investment event in Miami, the former head of Trump’s national security team told attendees that the president was selling American foreign policy to the highest bidder, especially if it benefited his personal business interests:

“Former national security adviser John Bolton derided President Donald Trump’s daughter and son-in-law during a private speech last week and suggested his former boss’ approach to U.S. policy on Turkey is motivated by personal or financial interests, several people who were present for the remarks told NBC News.

“The description was part of a broader portrait Bolton outlined of a president who lacks an understanding of the interconnected nature of relationships in foreign policy and the need for consistency, these people said.”

According to those who heard Bolton speak, he was especially upset by the way Trump abruptly withdrew U.S. troops from Syria, allowing Turkey to take over portions of the country and threaten or murder members of the Kurdish resistance who had been essential to helping United States weaken terrorist group ISIS:

“Bolton said he believes there is a personal or business relationship dictating Trump’s position on Turkey because none of his advisers are aligned with him on the issue, the people present said.

“The Trump Organization has a property in Istanbul, and the president’s daughter Ivanka Trump attended the opening with Erdogan in 2012. Though it’s a leasing agreement for use of the Trump name, Trump himself said in a 2015 interview that the arrangement presented ‘a little conflict of interest’ should he be elected.”

Bolton also reportedly said that Trump refuses to believe Russia could have been behind the attack on the 2016 election which helped propel him to the White House:

“The president refuses to take any action because he views any move against Moscow as giving credence to the notion that his election is invalid, the people present for Bolton’s remarks said.”

Imagine what Bolton will have to say once he has the legal clearance to speak his mind under oath.

One thought on “Bolton Warns: Trump Is Selling U.S. Foreign Policy To The Highest Bidder

  1. Cannot understand if Bolton has all this serious information on trump why is he not so concerned for the American safety. Surely it would matter not what trumps fixed courts may think this is a Selling Out of America to the foe. Needs no explaination he should have been spilling his guts out long ago. Better he gets to sort out his own allegiance to his country. wow what a damning report..

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