BOMBSHELL: Mueller Now Has Absolute Proof Trump Obstructed Justice – More Indictments Coming

If perhaps you were wondering why the Trump transition team got so upset when they found out that Special Counsel Robert Mueller had obtained tens of thousands of emails via the General Services Administration, a stunning report from Foreign Policy explains it perfectly: Those emails prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Donald Trump obstructed justice in regard to former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn.

How do we know that Trump is now cold busted? The Foreign Policy article spells it out:

“The White House turned over records this fall to special counsel Robert Mueller revealing that in the very first days of the Trump presidency, Don McGahn researched federal law dealing both with lying to federal investigators and with violations of the Logan Act…The records reflected concerns that McGahn, the White House counsel, had that Michael Flynn, then the president’s national security advisor, had possibly violated either one or both laws at the time, according to two of the sources. The disclosure that these records exist and that they are in the possession of the special counsel could bolster any potential obstruction of justice case against President Donald Trump.

“The records reflected that McGahn turned over to the special counsel, portions of which were read to this reporter, indicate he researched both statutes and warned Trump about Flynn’s possible violations.”

In other words, McGahn told Trump that Flynn had indeed lied to the FBI and tried to skirt the Logan Act. Trump waited two weeks to finally dismiss Flynn. That’s bad enough, but what Trump did next is the real legal problem for him.

After Trump reluctantly let Flynn go, he invited then-FBI Director James Comey to the White House, ordered everyone but Comey out of the Oval Office, and urged Comey to abandon his investigation of Flynn’s actions. He tried to subvert the legal process, which is what obstruction of justice is predicated upon.

Also, keep in mind that Mueller can place Trump under oath before a grand jury and compare his answers to those of Flynn and McGahn. If Trump’s responses differ in the slightest, Mueller also has him on a charge of perjury.

Donald Trump’s name is on one of those still-unsealed indictments Mueller has on file at the federal courthouse in Washington. There can no longer be any doubt. He’s good as finished.


6 thoughts on “BOMBSHELL: Mueller Now Has Absolute Proof Trump Obstructed Justice – More Indictments Coming

  1. Mueller should DEFINITELY put Trump on the stand – this CON MAN is NOT CAPABLE of telling the truth, so he’ll have a LOT of perjury counts against him.

    • Your so right. Nothing will happen to him at all. Than the russians will rig the next election so he wins the next time too.

  2. He’ll say he can’t recall or if he can, he’ll plead the 5th. Even if he get’s the book thrown at him…nothing will happen. He’ll still be President. They are all above the law now. This is our new country folks 🙁

  3. Served two tours in Vietnam
    100% Disabled so I figure I have a say..Shame on our Political leaders to have let Trump even disgrace our close ally who stood besides us died along side of us

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