BOMBSHELL: Trump Lying About Tax Returns, IRS Says (Video)

One of the main bones of contention at this week’s GOP debate in Houston was why Donald Trump, the current Republican front-runner, refuses to release his tax returns. Both Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio used that issue to hint that Trump is not at all trustworthy and the returns might, as 2012 GOP nominee Mitt Romney commented, contain a “bombshell.”

Trump insists the reason for his not releasing his returns is because he’s in the process of being audited by the IRS. Specifically, Trump said that he is being audited and that the audit goes back “four or five years.”

The real estate mogul also attempts to make it seem as if he would indeed show his tax returns to the world, but he cannot because the IRS will not allow him to. But yesterday the current IRS Commissioner, John Koskinen, addressed that matter:

Yes, Commissioner Koskinen did indeed report that:

“The taxpayer controls his returns. There’s nothing in IRS audit process generally that would keep you from sharing that information any way you wanted to.”

In other words, Donald Trump is lying yet again.

And on the whole matter of Trump saying that the audit he is undergoing goes back “four or five years,” the IRS once again says that Trump is indeed a liar liar whose pants are on fire.¬†Audits almost never go back more than three years. They note:

“Generally, the IRS can include returns filed within the last three years in an audit. Additional years can be added if a substantial error is identified.”

Did you catch that? “Substantial error is identified.” In other words, if Trump is indeed being audited for more than three years prior, then it’s because the IRS has found something that requires much closer scrutiny. And such a fact, were it to be made public, would indeed, as Mitt Romney said, be one hell of a bombshell.

Either way, Trump is lying. If he is indeed being audited beyond the three-year customary audit, then it is entirely likely he has filed a bogus return and will have to answer for that. If he isn’t being audited beyond three years, then saying “four or five” is the lie. And his shell game of trying to make it seem the IRS won’t let him disclose the tax statements is also, as the IRS Commissioner clearly stated, also not factual in the least.

So let’s be perfectly clear and unambiguous, quite unlike Mr. Trump: Donald J. Trump is a serial liar and does not want to show us his tax returns because he knows to do so would sink his chances of being the GOP nominee.

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