BOOM! Ann Coulter Gets Totally Embarrassed By Bill Maher LIVE On National Television (Video)

If you know anything about conservative writer/commentator Ann Coulter, then you are well aware of her incredibly racist, xenophobic comments about Hispanic Americans and anyone who dares to come to this country from anyplace other than Western Europe. Coulter even takes credit for the meteoric rise of Donald Trump, of whom she is a devoted disciple.

With Trump on the verge of being the 2016 Republican nominee for the general election, Coulter appeared as a guest last night on the HBO show “Real Time With Bill Maher,” where she was quickly called out and verbally chastised for her rhetoric by writer Dan Savage. Savage began by asking Coulter a very direct question about deporting 11 million people who are in the United States illegally:

“Why do we want to throw these 11 million people out of the country?. They contribute more to our economy than they take out; they pay more in taxes than they receive in services; illegal immigrants commit fewer crimes per capita –”

Coulter denied that Hispanics contribute to the country, asserting:

“All of that is untrue. Those are false facts. Not only are they false facts, but if they are true facts then you need to go and elect people who will change the laws.”

But Savage was up to the challenge, and he came back at Coulter with this:

‘But your rationale for building this wall is bullshit.’

That led Coulter to get militant on Savage, telling him:

“No, the rationale is that he [would be] the commander-in-chief, he protects the borders. Those are the laws.”

During the debate on the issue of immigration, Coulter, as she so often does (shades of Donald Trump here), decided to try and take a personal jab at Savage, saying that he:

“Should be the spokesman for Hillary Clinton.”


“That’s gonna be a big hit with the American people — who are overwhelmingly voting for Trump.”

Savage had the best line of the night, though, when he told Coulter who was really cheering Trump on and would be voting for him in November:

“No, the GOP base — which is overwhelmingly rubes, idiots, sexists, racists — are overwhelmingly voting for Trump.”

Boom! Ms. Coulter, you just got served!

Here’s the exchange from last night:

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  1. About the only positive thing I can think of to say about Ann Coulter is her hair looks better than Bill Maher’s

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