BOOM: Trump Just Got His A*s Handed To Him On The ‘Today’ Show

Though he was victorious in the states of Florida, Illinois, and North Carolina last night, one thing remains incredibly clear when it comes to Donald J. Trump: He is a habitual liar who will say one thing one minute and the opposite the next. It’s gotten to be so incredibly commonplace that NBC decided to make a point of it on this morning’s “Today” show.

Showing a video compilation prepared by NBC News, Trump is seen commenting on a recent attack ad against him funded by the Our Principles Super PAC in which women read some of the most disgusting things Trump has ever said about women. And he’s said lots of them, going so far as to call women “disgusting pigs.” “Today” host Matt Lauer introduced the video piece by commenting:

‘This is what happened: He talked to ABC first. Here’s what he said when asked about that ad.”

Trump is then shown on “Good Morning America,” an appearance he did Tuesday, in which he remarked:

“Well, you know, I have seen it. And it was a Romney deal.”

OK, so clearly Trump acknowledges that he has seen the ad and he blames Mitt Romney for it. Next, Lauer noted:

“Just a couple minutes later, he appeared live on this show. Here’s what he had to say.”

The second clip has Trump telling “Today” this:

“Honestly, I have not seen the ad. So I would have to see it. I have heard about the ad, but I have not seen the ad.”

What?! First he’s seen the ad and Romney is to blame, and then he hasn’t seen it and would have to before he can comment. How blatant can one person be when it comes to telling a deliberate falsehood?

Here’s the “Today” show clip for your amusement:

Trump just loves to say he’s not a politician. Perhaps that’s true, because he lies a heck of a lot more than any politician we’ve seen since Richard Nixon. And he lies when there is absolutely no need to do so! He could have said he had seen the ad, credited it to Mitt Romney, and gotten a free shot in at Romney. Instead, he decided to lie. He’s more comfortable lying because he does it so much.

In case you missed the Our Principles ad, here it is for you to enjoy:

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One thought on “BOOM: Trump Just Got His A*s Handed To Him On The ‘Today’ Show

  1. How can any woman vote for this lying pig!!?? Ladies have you no self respect!!?? He insults everyone!! I don’t get it! I have two friends (?) , female, who will vote for him!! Why!! ?? Anytime a male has to discuss his penis, that should be a clue! Money can’t buy class!!

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