Brand New Impeachment Poll Has Terrifying News For Donald Trump

As Donald Trump continues to whinie on Twitter that he’s being harassed and treated badly by Congress, a new poll suggests that not only are Americans sick and tired of the president, they’re ready to make a change.

A YouGov poll that was taken before the damaging summary of Trump’s phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and prior to the full whistleblower report being released earlier today shows that 55 percent of Americans support impeaching Trump, with 26 percent opposed, and 19 percent uncertain.

Here’s they key question asked in the YouGov poll:

“If President Donald Trump suspended military aid to Ukraine in order to incentivize the country’s officials to investigate his political rival, Joe Biden, and his son, would you support or oppose impeachment?”

If you look at a closer breakdown of the numbers, you find:

  • The majority of Democrats (76 percent) support impeachment
  • The majority of independents (51 percent) support impeachment
  • One third (32 percent) of Republicans support impeachment

That 32 percent number from Republicans is especially troubling for Trump, as it means his base is starting to erode as a result of his actions regarding Ukraine.

We’re also seeing some concern from Republicans in Congress.

At today’s House Intelligence Committee hearing with the acting Director of National Intelligence, Rep Mike Turner (R-OH) remarked:

“I’ve read the complaint and I’ve read the transcript of the conversation with the president and the president of the Ukraine. Concerning that conversation, I want to say that the president, this is not okay. That conversation is not okay. I think it’s disappointing to the American public when they read the transcript.”

And GOP Senator Ron Johnson (WI) was asked about an allegation in the whistleblower report that shows White House attorneys ordered administration officials to “lock down” a word-for-word transcript of Trump’s conversation with the Ukrainian president in a codeword-protected electronic system. He replied:

“I would not be happy. We’ll find out exactly what transpired here.”

A week from now, we’ll have more polls, and don’t be surprised if the number of those who support impeachment is all the way up to 70 percent or higher.

Trump is in big trouble. His tweets are proof that he knows it, too.

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