Bundy Militiaman Loses Foster Kids, Blames Tyrannical Government

One of the most prominent members of the so-called Oregon militia headed by Ammon Bundy is mighty pissed off because he’s lost his sole source of income while he’s off pretending to be some kind of Constitutional warrior at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.

Robert “LaVoy” Finicum told Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB) that social services has taken custody of the foster children he and his wife were caring for. Records show that over the past decade, Finicum and his wife have essentially served as foster parents to over 50 kids as a way of supporting themselves. Finicum also used the foster children as workers on his failing ranch. And Finicum claims the ranch has been beneficial to the kids:

“My ranch has been a great tool for these boys. It has done a lot of good.”

Then why, one wonders, did he leave four emotionally disturbed children at the ranch in Arizona while he trotted off to Oregon so he could join his fellow wannabe soldiers in some pointless act that serves no purpose other than bringing attention to their own pathetic lives? Four days after Finicum left for Oregon, the Arizona Department of Social Services began the process of removing the children from the Finicum household.

Finicum also told a reporter that the whole matter had been instigated after “pressure from the feds,” and he added:

“They were ripped from my wife. We are very successful (foster parents). Our track records are good, it’s been a good relationship. (Federal authorities) must have gotten to the governor, who told the state to get them out of there.”

How much were the Finicums getting for serving as foster parents? OPB found that the couple was paid between $22.31 to $37.49 per day to take care of the children. According to a 2010 tax filing, the Finicums received $115,343 in 2009. And Finicum himself even mentioned that he was not pleased to be losing his meal ticket:

“That was my main source of income. My ranch, well, the cows just cover the costs of the ranch. If this means rice and beans for the next few years, so be it. We’re going to stay the course.”

Finicum also tried to paint himself and his fellow militants as the real victims even though they’re the ones breaking the law:

“I hope people are seeing the sacrifices we’re making here. I want to show what my government is doing. You need to understand the cost being paid by many people.”

Yeah, it beats the hell out of actually working.

This article was originally published by the same author at LiberalAmerica.org.

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