Anti-LGBT Attorney Says Sex Ed In Schools Is All Satan’s Fault (VIDEO)

While it’s been proven that sex education in public schools can reduce the rate of teen pregnancy, abortion, and sexually-transmitted diseases, there are still some who would have you believe that teaching young people about human reproduction is just plain evil. Such is the case with Mary McAlister, who just so happens to be a senior […]

Trump Supporters Tell CNN Charlottesville Was A ‘Setup’ Because They Saw It On Facebook

The question is often asked: Just how much of Donald Trump’s BS do his supporters believe? Some of it? Most of it? Or all of it? CNN put together a panel of Trump acolytes and asked them about President Trump’s response to the white nationalist rally in Charlottesville. And what they told host Alisyn Camerota […]

Today’s Conspiracy Theory: RWNJs Now Saying Obama WON’T LET Trump Take Office

Even though their candidate won, even though they have control of both houses of Congress, even though everything seems to be going their way and all is coming up roses for conservatives, some on the right are floating a theory that Trump will never be allowed to take the oath of office. President Obama won’t […]