WH Press Secy. Says Comparing Niger To Benghazi Is ‘A Cheap Attempt’ To Taint Trump (VIDEO)

As more details become available about the ambush in Niger which led to the deaths of four American special forces troops, more questions are being asked about the U.S. mission in the African country and what may have contributed to the loss of those four brave soldiers. There is also talk on Capitol Hill of […]

Medal Of Honor Winner SHREDS Trump And John Kelly For Their Hateful Words (VIDEO)

During the back and forth this week between the White House and Congresswoman Frederica Wilson (D-FL), you may have asked yourself: How do veterans feel about the fact that President Trump and his Chief of Staff chose to attack a member of Congress at a time when they should have placed the focus on the […]

REPORT: Trump, White House Slow-Walked Niger Response

As criticism continues to swirl around President Trump’s statements, denials, and outright lies regarding the death of four Green Berets in the African nation of Niger, it now appears the administration had a response to the deaths less than 24 hours after they occurred, but held back on releasing it. Politico reports: “Staffers at the […]

WATCH A Fox News Host Call A Hateful Trump Aide A Backstabber

If you’ve ever seen White House aide Sebastian Gorka on television, then you know that he’s a lying jackass who tries to pretend he’s an intellectual even though he has a fake Ph.D. which he never actually earned. He’s a poseur, an arrogant jerk, and a combative weasel. Appearing on Fox News Thursday, Gorka was asked about comments […]

WATCH The Fox & Friends Gang Blame Trump’s North Korea Nuke Showdown On…Obama!

Perhaps you were under the impression that the increased tension between the United States and North Korea could be blamed largely on President Trump and his hyperbolic statement on Tuesday that the North Koreans would be “met with fire and fury” if they issued any further threats. But, thanks to Fox News, we now know […]

Warmonger Oliver North Suggests Putting ‘Tactical Nukes’ In S. Korea To Confront Kim Jong Un

The tense standoff with North Korea and its maniacal leader, Kim Jong Un, could well escalate in the near future and bring the United States to the brink of outright war in the region. Yet there are some less than stable figures from the past who are now suggesting that we make the situation worse. […]

U.S. Senator Sounds ‘Red Alert’–Trump Is Starting A New War Without Congressional Approval

On Sunday, an American fighter jet shot down a Syrian warplane after the Syrian pilot dropped bombs on ground forces supported by the United States in the ongoing battle against the international terrorist group ISIS. Monday, Russian officials condemned the downing of the Syrian plane. Russia also suspended the use of military hotline Washington and Moscow […]

MSNBC Host: What If Vladimir Putin ‘Masterminded The Last Week In Syria?’

Ask yourself a question: With Donald Trump’s poll numbers fading fast as investigations into Russian interference in the 2016 election continue, would Russian president Vladimir Putin be willing to concoct a situation in Syria so his American counterpart could look tough and change the subject from investigations to military strikes? That’s the question Lawrence O’Donnell […]

Bet Ivanka Trump Wishes She’d Never Sent THIS Tweet About Syria (TWEETS)

The civil war in Syria is horrific. Nearly a half-million Syrians have died as a result of the fighting between the butchers who run the government and forces seeking to overthrow Syrian tyrant Bashar Assad. Over 11 million men, women, and children have been displaced from their homes and are now refugees. And on Wednesday, someone […]

Ex-NSA Analyst: Trump Exploited ‘Trapped’ Widow Of Slain SEAL (TWEETS)

The most memorable–and most debated–moment from Tuesday evening’s joint address to Congress by Donald Trump is when he honored the fallen Navy SEAL who died during a raid in Yemen. Trump asked the widow of Ryan Owens, Carryn Owens to stand and be recognized, but it soon became clear she didn’t necessarily want to stand […]