Christian Website Offers Advice On ‘How To Help Women Learn Their Place’

An allegedly Christian website, Biblical Gender Roles, is now offering helpful hints on how women can best learn their place and how men can help them achieve such “knowledge.”

Keep in mind this is the very same website which refuses to admit that spousal rape exists and also how to best punish your wife should she dare not submit to you sexually.

And these people call themselves Christians? If they’re Christians, I may have to rethink my own faith and join a different religion entirely.

Now the narrow-minded bigots at Biblical Gender Roles are preaching that, “Women do not know or accept their place in God’s creation anymore.” By that, of course, they mean having babies, doing laundry, cooking meals, and being willing to submit to a man when, where, and how he demands.

Here’s a sampling of their poison:

“‘A woman’s place is in the home’ is just one of many truths that our society derides and mocks. To ‘love, honor and obey’ has been stripped from most marriage vows as women no longer believe they must obey their husbands or be in subjection to their husbands as Sarah who called her husband ‘lord.'”

The author of this bullshit then offers a checklist for women who are seeking to be what God wants them to be, or for men who want to try and brainwash the women in their lives so they can turn them into slaves:

  • Be meek and humble.
  • Know your place and to shut up.
  • Have no aspirations other than to be a “wife, mother, and homemaker.”
  • Mind the house and take care of the kids.
  • Always practice “purity” until marriage, and don’t “manipulate men” with your sexuality.
  • Don’t “defraud” your husband by refusing him sex, unless he agrees to wait a while.
  • Wear pretty clothes and stuff that “never places” one’s “femininity in doubt.”
  • Be sure to dress “modestly.”
  • Be “submissive” at all times.
  • Depend on a man to provide for you.
  • Know your “place” and live only to serve your husband and master.
  • Don’t “nag” your husband or make him feel “ashamed” for anything.

As the father of a daughter, this kind of tripe angers me on a level that is beyond how outraged I am as a human being. If some man thinks he is going to demand that my daughter submit to him in all things, I sure as hell hope he’s ready for me to show up with a baseball bat and help him submit, too.

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