Clueless O’Reilly: Women Will Pretend To Have Migraines So They Can Get An Abortion

It’s a given that Fox News host Bill O’Reilly lies, distorts facts, pretends to be an expert on virtually everything, and has made up stories from his past in order to make himself look daring and brave. He likes to imagine himself a journalist, but he’s never been more than a hack, and he never will be.

And on last night’s edition of “The O’Reilly Factor,” O’Reilly was discussing the topic of abortion, and he said Democratic Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders will defend women who have abortions for what he called “frivolous” reasons:

“If you are going to say that the two Democrats running for president both favor pretty much abortion at any time, for any reason, and they hide behind the women’s health issue. But that could be a migraine headache, you know — ‘OK, I don’t want to have the kid, my boyfriend left me, my husband left me, whatever it may be, I got a migraine, kid is going to be born next week.’”

Kristen Powers, who was debating the issue with O’Reilly, did not hesitate to disagree with him, noting:

“I don’t think that many people get abortions because they have a migraine headache.”

O’Reilly, realizing there was no way he could win the argument, declared:

“OK, it doesn’t matter. It’s theoretical. When you have two candidates saying they don’t want any limitations in the law place. They don’t want any.”

Keep in mind this is the very same Bill O’Reilly who used to call Kansas doctor George Tiller, “Tiller the baby killer.” Not long after he began doing this on his show, Tiller was shot and killed by a rabid anti-abortion activist. O’Reilly never apologized for possibly inciting the hate speech which lead to Tiller’s death, calling what he had said, “accurate reporting.”

Here’s the segment from Friday’s show:

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