Comedian Now Getting Rape And Death Threats From Gun Nuts For ONE TWEET!

Back in mid-December, comedian Alison Leiby sent out a tweet to her 10,000 followers on Twitter. Here it is:

I’d say in today’s America, that’s a fair statement for any woman to make. Republicans at the state and federal level have consistently attempted to limit a woman’s right to family planning services, even going to far as to try and slag Planned Parenthood because they disagree with them.

No big deal about the tweet, right? Leiby is merely expressing her opinion, and right wingers are always saying that’s a good thing. Of course, they mean as long as they’re the ones doing all the talking. But the reaction to this one tweet was swift and incredibly disturbing, as Lieby told Medium:

“Somewhere along the way an account with a large and conservative following retweeted it, an action that flooded my notifications page with people calling me ‘stupid’ or a ‘moron’ or, one of my personal favorites, a ‘retarded liberal.’ Fine.

“Last Monday evening, however, the replies went from annoying and insulting to violent and threatening. Men were replying to me and taking my joke to a horrific, new place. Some said they wanted to ban me from public places and silence me. Others said they wanted to lock me in their closet when they’re done with me. A few choice gentlemen suggested I, like their gun, have a ‘rough brush clean my holes.'”

This is, to put it mildly, totally inexcusable. If you disagree with another person’s beliefs or politics, then have a fair debate and realize that you will probably never convince your adversary to agree with you. We can all respect one another and accept each other in love and friendship, no matter our differences.

But to threaten another person’s life or to threaten to sexually harm them because you are too cowardly and ignorant to engage in a real discussion is over the line in the worst possible way.

Some gun advocates are fond of saying that guns don’t kill people, people do. That’s true enough, but what about the people who use guns and their support of gun rights in order to threaten another person? What does that say about the entire pro-gun contingency?

It says they need to get a freaking sense of humor and learn to respect opinions outside of their own NRA-funded echo chamber.

One thought on “Comedian Now Getting Rape And Death Threats From Gun Nuts For ONE TWEET!

  1. You know, comments like those could just as well been from the same cybertroll team that our government has obviously unleashed to provoke, incite and possibly make folks like you THINK that a certain group of people are being nasty to you, when in fact its a psy-op designed to get influential people, such as yourself, to derive conclusions on what ultimately is false information. It is really a perfect tactic, what if %90 of your negative and abusive messages were actually just sent to shape your opinion of a group of people, but was completely made up by operatives . Just saying, guns are a sensitive issue in this country. My personal opinion, and I bet the stats would support this theory, is that this is an Urban versus Rural mindset issue. People from the country grow up with guns. We grow up in the woods, we can travel miles a day and encounter not one other human. We have a freedom that Urban dwellers can never feel, we can commune with God sitting on a blowdown at the top of a cliff. We can step outside and rattle off as many rounds as we can afford (which isn’t many these days) and no one cares. Country life styles are so beyond the comprehension of the new generation of socialist, elitist, lazy desk jockeys that they think its funny to threaten to take away one of our symbols of freedom, the gun. This is what you leftys will never understand. Taking away a symbol of freedom is the biggest offense to some. It’s like taking away city peoples bus pass, or t pass or your car. Travel is your symbol of freedom. What if a bunch of people from the country wanted to take away all city peoples cars, buses, any mode of transportation except your feet? Same idea, messing with your symbols of freedom, causes some people to get real butt hurt. Especially since it was guns in the hands of our ancestors, well some of our ancestors, that gave us the freedom we ALL enjoy today. Defending freedom from tyranny cannot be done with pitchforks and clubs.

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