CONFIRMED: Michael Cohen Can Prove Trump Conspired With Russia

In all of the fast-moving developments that have been taking place this week in regard to people who once worked for President Donald Trump — i.e. Michael Cohen and Michael Flynn — one piece of news fell by the wayside but deserves a much closer look.

As we’ve learned since Robert Mueller was appointed to serve as special counsel for the Russia investigation in May of 2017, Mueller’s team doesn’t leak, doesn’t issue press releases, and prefers to speak through indictments.

But when former Trump attorney and fixer Michael Cohen was sentenced Wednesday, one of the lead prosecutors, Jeannie Rhee, told U.S. District Court judge William Pauley that Cohen’s cooperation had been incredibly helpful to the special counsel’s office:

“He has provided our office with credible and reliable information about core Russia-related issues under investigation and within the purview of the Special Counsel’s Office.

“There’s only so much that we can say about the particulars at this time given our ongoing investigation, but we hope that we have sufficiently outlined for the court that they were ranging and that they were helpful.”

You don’t have to read too far between the lines to ascertain what Rhee was saying: Michael Cohen is helping us with matters related to the Russia investigation and we’re very happy with what he’s told us.

In other words, Cohen is not just able to testify to matters as they relate to hush money payments Trump allegedly ordered paid to women he had extramarital affairs with, he’s also giving up the goods on Donald Trump’s dealings with Russia over the years.

The full import of what Ms. Rhee said cannot possibly be overstated. Cohen had access to the inner workings of Trump’s business and personal life, and he probably knows things about the president that no one else does. And that information will be essential to proving that Donald Trump is indeed a traitor.

This week has proven one thing for sure: When all the facts are laid in the table and known to the world, Donald Trump will be finished. We’re on the verge of ridding ourselves of this cancer on our country.

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