Congressman: Attorney General Committed ‘Criminal Act’ With Latest Testimony

On Thursday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions testified before a closed hearing of the House Intelligence Committee, and based on initial reports from some members of the committee, it didn’t exactly go well.

Sessions, who was called before the committee on the subject of Russian interference in the 2016 election, was evasive, according to Congressman Adam Schiff (D-CA):

“I asked the Attorney General whether he was ever instructed by the president to take any action that he believed would hinder the Russia investigation and he declined to answer the question.”

Schiff also said that the AG and Trump may be involved in an ongoing criminal conspiracy to cover up what they know:

“There is no privileged basis to decline to answer a question like that. If the president did not instruct him to take an action that would hinder the investigation, he should say so. If the president did instruct him to hinder the investigation in any way, in my view that would be a potential criminal act.”

Another source familiar with Sessions’ testimony confirmed what Schiff said and added that the AG, telling Reuters:

“Sessions said he could not remember the answers to many important questions, and the answers he did provide concerning meetings with Russians tracked statements he had previously made in other congressional hearings.”

Democrats have said that previous testimony given by Sessions under oath has changed or morphed into a new response which often contradicts what the AG has said on previous occasions when appearing before congressional committees investigating the 2016 election.

In addition to meeting with Sessions, the House Intelligence Committee also questioned Eric Prince, founder of the private security company Blackwater and brother of Betsy DeVos, who serves as Secretary of Education. Congressman Schiff said the committee will publicly release a transcript of Prince’s hearing, but that would probably not be true of what Sessions told the congressmen.

Schiff, who has been dogged in his pursuit of the truth is on to a larger question that needs to be answered: If Trump and his administration have nothing to hide, why do they keep having selective memory whenever they’re asked questions about the matter?

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