Conservative Radio Host: Trump Not Smart Enough To Think Beyond 140 Characters In A Tweet

Why exactly does Donald Trump love Twitter so much? Is it because it’s quick and allows him to communicate instantaneously? Or is it because he knows he can reach millions of people in just seconds?

Conservative radio host Charlie Sykes has a different theory: Trump is too damn stupid to contemplate anything beyond the 140 characters allowed on Twitter.

Sykes appeared on MSNBC earlier this week and told host Lawrence O’Donnell:

“This is really going to symbolize the quality of this man’s thought. I mean, there was a time when we had presidents who read books. Now we have presidents who write in 140-character messages.”

That utter lack of curiosity or desire to study a subject in any depth is part of a larger problem with Trump, Sykes said:

“But, you know, here is a president who does feel comfortable on Twitter because I do think that that is the perfect venue for the quality of his thinking. And I think that that is going to be something that’s going to be a defining element in his presidency.”

Here’s a simple, undeniable fact about Donald Trump: He’s an absolute moron. Yes, he loves to say how smart he is, but do you know any truly intelligent person who goes around bragging about their knowledge? Only someone who is insecure about their smarts will toot their own horn.

Also, Trump loves to say that his success in business is proof of how brilliant he is. That’s also bullshit. Trump was bailed out numerous times by his father and dozens of his business entities have gone bankrupt.

Trump once said he loves the “poorly educated.” That’s because he’s one of them.

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