Conservative Says Obstruction Of Justice Case Against Trump Is ‘Damning’ (DETAILS)

Here’s an interesting historical fact: The two most recent presidents who had articles of impeachment drawn up against them — Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton — both had one charge in common: Obstruction of justice.

Ever since he fired FBI Director James Comey because Comey refused to end the FBI investigation of a possible conspiracy between members of the Trump campaign team and Russia, many have said that Donald Trump has also committed obstruction of justice, and now a prominent conservative columnist says the obstruction case against Trump is airtight.

Jennifer Rubin, who pens the “Right Turn” editorial column for The Washington Post, says further proof of obstruction can be found in Trump’s drafting of a statement for his son, Donald Trump. Jr., to give regarding the infamous 2016 Trump Tower meeting Don Jr. had with Russian attorney Natalia Veselnitskaya:

“This is damning both because it involves an effort arguably to cover up the real purpose of the meeting and, more important, because Trump was personally involved. This would be one powerful element in an obstruction-of-justice charge, if one is forthcoming, and certainly in considering impeachment, which would look beyond the four-corners of criminal statutes to see if Trump abused his office (crafting a misleading statement from the White House) for nefarious purposes (concealing a possibly incriminating meeting).”

The drafting of that statement aboard Air Force One was so troubling that former Trump legal spokesman Mark Corallo immediately quit his position. Rest assured Corallo has already been interviewed by the Mueller team of prosecutors and could be a star witness against the president. Rubin has this to say about Corallo:

“Corallo is no crank. Matthew Miller, former Justice Department spokesman under President Barack Obama, says, ‘I don’t know him personally, but he has a reputation as a solid, honest guy.'”

Here’s the bottom line for Trump, and the reason he and his Congressional allies have been on the attack against Mueller so much lately: The charges that Mueller will file against Trump are becoming much clearer, and they likely include the following:

  • Obstruction of justice
  • Money laundering
  • Tax evasion
  • Conspiracy against the United States

If Donald Trump hasn’t already figured it out — his words and actions suggest he has — his past has now caught up with him, and it portends a very dark future for him, his family, and anyone he ever associated with.


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