Corrupt Conway: Having To Be Ethical Discourages People From Serving In Government

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway, who never passes on an opportunity to lie or whine on television, was a guest Thursday morning on Fox News, and this time she was complaining about ethics rules in place for those who serve in government.

Appearing on Fox & FriendsConway commented on the financial disclosure form of White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci being published by Politico:

There are so many qualified men and women who wanted to serve this president, this administration and their country who have been completely demoralized and completely, I think, disinclined to do so, based on the paperwork that we have to put forward, divesting assets, the different hoops you have to run through. This White House is transparent and accountable, and we’ve all complied with those rules, but it has disincentivized good men and women. I hope it doesn’t disincentivize Anthony.”

This White House is transparent and accountable? Is she kidding us? Her boss won’t even release his tax returns!

Also, it should be noted that Scarmucci’s financial disclosure is publicly available, so any talk from the White House about “leaking” is both disingenuous and downright ludicrous, as even Conway had to acknowledge in her own tortured way:

“He’s (Scaramucci) making clear that even though the documents are eventually procurable publicly, that somebody doesn’t want him here, and somebody is trying to get in his way and scare him off from working here, which is a huge mistake.”

As we’ve already seen, people are leaving this administration because they either cannot stand the backstabbing taking place among senior staff or they don’t want the legal headaches associated with serving a president who skirts ethics laws and plays footsie with our Russian adversaries on a daily basis.

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