Court Filings From Mueller Tell Us The BIG NAME Indictments Are About To Drop

There’s a better than even chance that Donald Trump gave his last State of the Union address in January, because Special Counsel Robert Mueller has now signaled that he’s about to drop some major indictments in the days ahead.

Court filings from Mueller’s team of investigators in recent weeks have been under considerable scrutiny from legal experts, and they all agree on one point: The BIG NAME indictments are about to be handed down by the special counsel.

As the Hill reports:

“Special counsel Robert Mueller’s references to ‘uncharged individuals’ in recent court filings that aim to restrict certain evidence are being read by some as an indication more people could be indicted in his sprawling investigation.

“Despite rampant speculation that Mueller is close to finalizing his report, the language used in court documents over the past few months offers clues that suggest his probe might ensnare more individuals.”

Randall Eliason, a George Washington University law professor, said those who have predicted that Mueller is about to wrap up his investigation are not following the clues that suggest otherwise:

“All outward signs … suggest that Mueller’s investigation is still active and ongoing. I think there is reason to believe something else is coming.

“I just don’t see any outward signs this investigation is close to wrapping up.”

Since so many members of the 2016 Trump campaign team have already been indicted or pleaded guilty to crimes ranging from perjury to money laundering, the list of those who will see their names on the next series of indictments is somewhat limited, but it includes:

Donald Trump Jr.

The Trump Tower meeting with Russian nationals and Junior’s testimony before congressional committees all but guarantees he will be indicted in connection with the Russia probe.

Jared Kushner

The other Trump family member who was at the Trump Tower meeting in June of 2016. Jared also has his own dirty money trail, and that alone could cost him decades in prison.

Ivanka Trump

Played a major role in funneling money from the inaugural committee to Trump properties, often at inflated prices. And her alleged lies regarding the value of Trump properties could lead her to be charged with fraud.

Mike Pence

Was head of the transition team that approved Mike Flynn to be National Security Adviser. Pence was also handpicked by Paul Manafort.

Buckle up, gang! Things are about to get very interesting, and you’re gonna need lots of popcorn.

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