Crisis Actor Dana Loesch Bares Her Fangs When Asked About Gun Control Measures (VIDEO)

The NRA appears to be running scared.

Over the past week, dozens of companies have severed all ties with the gun lobby, no longer wanting to be associated with a group that refuses to budge on the issue of gun control despite that fact that 17 people were recently slaughtered at a high school in Parkland, Florida.

NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch was a guest on This Week, and she became incredibly defensive when host George Stephanopoulos asked if the NRA would support raising the age at which a semi-automatic weapon can be purchased from the current age of 18 to 21, which even Donald Trump has suggested might be a good idea. Loesch replied:

“The NRA has made their position incredibly clear.”

When Stephanopoulos again asked the question, Loesch became even angrier, commenting:

“People are trying to find daylight between President Trump and 5 million law-abiding gun owners all across the United States. These are things [Trump’s] discussing… nothing has been proposed yet.”

But when the host dared to broach the topic of possibly banning all military-style assault weapons — such as the AR-15 used by the Florida shooter to devastating effect — Loesch completely lost it, declaring:

“This is really a discussion about banning all semi-automatic firearms. And I wish that we could be guinuine in our discussion about that. That’s the position on AR-15s. And AR-15s are going to be in that school protecting students and teachers when they return back to class.”

Stephanopoulos countered by reminding Loesch:

“We are the only country that has wide access to these kinds of weapons and no one else has the frequency or the intensity of mass shootings that we do.”

To that, the NRA shill resorted to lying:

“That’s actually not true.”

Yes, it actually is true. No other nation in the world allows citizens to purchase and possess military weapons of mass murder the way we do in the United States. Maybe that’s one of the reasons we had 15,549 deaths attributable to guns in 2017.

The NRA says they’re all about freedom, just as long as it’s the freedom to kill.

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