Cruz Supporter Calls Trump’s Wife A Foreign Bimbo Who ‘Posed Nude’

If Donald Trump can attack his competitors for the 2016 GOP nomination, does that mean that the spouses of candidates are also fair game? Apparently one Ted Cruz supporter thinks so.

Andrea McWilliams was a guest Tuesday on Fox Business, and she made a point of saying that with the recent death of Nancy Reagan, who a candidate is married to matters when a voter casts his or her ballot:

“If Donald trump is elected, Mrs. Trump will be the first first lady that has ever posed nude; the first first lady that’s the third wife [of the president]; and the first foreign-born first lady in this century.”

Wow, that’s harsh! But if you consider that Trump has called Mexican immigrants drug dealers and rapists, is it also the payback the GOP front-runner deserves?

McWilliams also questioned the “character” of Melania Trump:

“You’ve been covering Nancy Reagan, look at what an influencer she was to her husband…I think posing nude speaks to character.”

Now I realize that Melania Trump is not running for the White House; her husband is. But might this be a bit of karma coming back to bite those closest to the Donald? Also, take a good long look at the current Mrs. Trump and ask yourself: Is this who we want as First Lady?

It’s safe to assume this could well come up at the next Republican debate, and if it does, expect both Cruz and Trump to try and spin it to their advantage. Meanwhile, the rest of us can grab some popcorn and watch the fireworks.

2 thoughts on “Cruz Supporter Calls Trump’s Wife A Foreign Bimbo Who ‘Posed Nude’

  1. Cruz’s wife supports a North American Union and an eventual one world government “as a means to end world poverty.” I think I’d rather have a first lady who believes in U.S. sovereignty, speaks four languages, and is well educated in something other than banking, finance, and Wall Street corruptiin, despite the fact that she once posed nude on a bear skin rug for a British magazine.

  2. So, you have no problem with the fact that Trump’s wife was a ‘professional Girlfriend’? What address do we deliver your ‘box of rocks’ to?

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