Delusional Press Secy. Says Dems Killed DACA Because Trump Is ‘Winning’ (VIDEO)

With three tweets he sent out first thing Monday morning, Donald Trump proved yet again that he understand the issues of DACA and immigration about as well as a slow-witted cockroach.

Trump posted these totally incorrect tweets:

After that, Trump’s paid liars were sent out to spread their “alternative facts” all over cable news.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee appeared on Trump’s favorite show, Fox & Friends, and tried to place blame for no deal on DACA on the Democrats, even though Trump has repeatedly failed to act or propose a solution. Sanders commented:

“I think what’s happened here is incredibly sad. Look, the president made two incredibly generous offers… and Democrats still refused to make a deal and I think it’s because we’re getting close to an election, they don’t want to see the president continue to win like he has for the last year and a half and they’re going to do everything they can, even if it means hurting people across this country if they think it takes a hit at the president.”

What exactly has Trump won? He’s seen one single piece of legislation (tax reform) passed, but other than that he’s done nothing but play golf, attack Amazon, and repeat the phrase “no collusion” like a shell-shocked parrot on meth.

If he wanted to, Trump could solve the DACA matter with a single executive order that allows all of the people protected by it to remain in the United State indefinitely until Congress sends him a bill. But he’d rather use the issue for his own political benefit and terrorize hundreds of thousands of young people across the country. For that alone, he deserves to be impeached.


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