Democratic Congressman Warns: Trump ‘Prepping’ Crisis To Halt Russia Probe (VIDEO)

Donald Trump–even as incredibly dense as he can be at times–has to know that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is getting closer to proving his treachery with each passing day.

This week brought more revelations about former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort now being squarely in Mueller’s crosshairs. Manafort was reportedly warned that he will be indicted, and we also learned that Manafort was even more involved with Russian interests than had previously been reported.

So, what will President Trump do? How can he possibly stop the circle from closing in on him as Mueller begins to squeeze friends, family, and former associates of the Donald? Will he fire Mueller? That seems unlikely, as the president realizes such a move would likely set off a chain of events that would end with him being impeached.

Congressman Mike Quigley (D-IL) was participating in an event held at DePaul University College of Law on Thursday and had some ideas as to what Trump might do to stave off the growing Russia investigation. He began by urging patience and vigilance:

“The Mueller investigation could take at least another year, maybe two, but (the House) investigation is closer to its infancy than conclusion. In the meantime, we live with the very real threat that the Mueller investigation gets shut down.”

Quigley also noted that as one of the Congressional investigators looking into connections between Trump and Russia, he’s already seen evidence of the president’s guilt:

“If you had seen what I had seen you’d want me to go full throttle.”

And, ominously, Congressman Quigley laid out a scenario which he thinks might come to pass as Trump gets increasingly desperate:

“One of the reasons I speak the way I do when I message about this is I’m worried about a constitutional crisis. I think there is a reason he speaks to the base in the manner in which he does. He’s prepping them, girding them for this.”

Donald Trump is the greatest domestic threat this country has ever faced. Each of us has to remain strong and remember that despite Trump’s grab for unlimited power, the Constitution is more resilient than any man, no matter how depraved and evil that man may be.

Here’s Congressman Quigley at DePaul University:

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