Desperate Rudy Giuliani Seems To Already Be Angling For A Presidential Pardon

For weeks now, as the House Intelligence Committee has held both private and public hearings regarding the possible impeachment of President Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani has been silent. No interviews. No tweets. No anything.

So it was somewhat of a surprise when Rudy raised his head on Sunday and began sending loving praise in Trump’s direction, even though Trump and the White House have been busy tossing Giuliani all the way under the bus in an attempt to distance the president from the expanding Ukraine scandal, which threatens to destroy Trump less than a year before the 2020 election.

On Sunday, Giuliani — who served as Trump’s personal attorney during the bribing of Ukraine to offer up dirt on the Biden family in exchange for military aid — fired off these tweets:

Rudy knows he’s under criminal investigation and facing decades behind bars if he’s convicted on the charges that may eventually be filed against him in various jurisdictions. So he’s trying a desperate gambit to let Trump know he’s still on his side. As if that’s going to keep Trump from making Giuliani the scapegoat in order to save his own hide.

But there’s a problem with Rudy’s feckless attempt at covering his ass: He has nothing to offer Trump other than slavish sycophancy, and that won’t do Trump a bit of good now that impeachment has begun. In fact, Giuliani may well wind up being a key witness against Trump if and when impeachment reaches the Senate for a trial.

If Rudy Giuliani was a more likable person, it would almost be possible to feel a shred of sympathy for him. But, much like Donald Trump, Rudy deserves every bad thing that’s coming his way.

Lock them both up and throw away the damn key!

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